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General South Padre questions and answers:

Where is the closest airport in relation to South Padre Island?

The most convenient and closest airport to South Padre Island is the Groundsville/South Padre
Island International Airport.  It is located just 23 miles away.

My fiance and I are planning on getting married some time in the near future.  We are
considering South Padre Island.  Can you recommend a nice wedding area by the

South Padre Island is a beautiful place to get married.  My sister recently got married on the
beach here and it was absolutely beautiful.  There are many services and locations you can use.  
One I will recommend is .  You're going to have to apply for a
wedding license.

I want to come to South Padre Island, but I've heard rumors about how crazy things are
around spring break.  Is it going to be that hectic year round?

Absolutely not.  It's true that South Padre Island turns into sort of a party town around spring
break, but it is quite the opposite for the rest of the year.  The atmosphere is very beautiful and
relaxed, and a perfect spot for a serene vacation.  

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