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General San Antonio Questions and Answers

I want to go on a vacation through Texas and have an interest in stopping in San
Antonio.  How long should I expect to stay in the city to get a full experience?

Although San Antonio is the ninth largest city in the nation, most of what to see is located in the
downtown and Riverwalk area.  To gain the full experience of the city shouldn't take much
longer than two to three days.

Where is the airport in relation to downtown?

San Antonio International Airport is about 10 miles north of downtown, just north of the loop
410/US 281 intersection.  At peak times, city buses run from downtown around every 45

I heard Riverwalk is a nice place to visit, when going to San Antonio.  Would you
suggest stopping by here, and what is there to do in this area?

Though touristy, the Riverwalk is still a nice place to stroll around.  If your feet can't take much
more walking, you can take a short scenic cruise around the area.  Just in case this is not your
cup of tea, you can visit Market Square (just east of I-35), which recreates a Mexican market
place, with shops selling fabric, craftwork and clothing, plus restaurants and food kiosks, serving
delicious Mexican food.

I would like to stay at the best hotel in San Antonio.  What is your recommendation?

Downtown has a few top-end hotels, but probably the most famous one is the Menger Hotel,
built in 1859.  This hotel is not only one of the most beautiful landmarks in the city, but it has a
very rich history.  In fact, legend has it that Robert E. Lee rode his horse into the lobby.

What can I do in San Antonio with my children?

San Antonio is home to Six Flags Texas- a large theme park with roller coasters, water rides,
and even a section for younger children, if your children are not ready for thrill-seeking.  If that
doesn't seem like your thing, another fascinating and educational attraction is SeaWorld San
Antonio, where the kids can see many marine-life shows and go on a few water rides.  There is
also a roller coaster there.

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