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General Galveston Question and Answers

Can I get a nice, cheap hotel in Galveston?

Well, yes, but you didn't specify what time of the year you are coming.  Galveston is very
seasonal with hotel rates.  Prices are at their peak from March to August, and the "off season" is
from September to March.  One I would recommend is the Holiday Inn Express.  It's very nice,
relatively new, and moderately priced.  

Are there any fun tourist attractions in Galveston?

Yes!  One I would recommend that seems to be a top choice among tourists is Moody
Gardens.  This has multimedia attractions, an Imax theater, and perhaps the most famous
attraction there is the aquarium.  If you are traveling with children, they will love the aquarium
with more than 8,000 sea creatures.

We're thinking about coming into Galveston around Christmas time.  What can we
expect as far as weather and things to do?

Galveston in the winter is beautiful.  During the day, you can expect the temperature in the high
50s or low 60s and in the 50s at night.  We have an annual festival in Galveston around
Christmas time called "Dickens on the Strand".  During this time, we dress up in 19th century
clothing.  This is inspired by the work of Charles Dickens and is always fun for the whole family.

Should I be afraid of a hurricane coming to Galveston?

Well, if you're coming to Galveston during hurricane season (June through November), there
definitely is a chance we'll experience a hurricane, but it's not too likely.  Of course, we did have
one of the worst natural disasters in the country back in 1900.  Just make sure to be safe and
have a plan, in case the worst should happen.  Don't let that be a reason not to come to
Galveston, however.  Just make sure you have a plan.

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