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I have one day to spend in Fort Worth, what do you suggest I do to get a feel of the city?

I would recommend going to the Stockyards area of Fort Worth.  Once the livestock
industry's trading center, the Stockyards are now a tourist-oriented shopping and
entertainment district. Cowboys on horseback roam the area, answering tourist question
and posing for pictures.  Twice a day, they drive a small herd of Texas longhorns around
the block. It'll feel like you're in a real western town.

How do I get to Ft Worth from DFW via public transportation?  I there a station close
to downtown?

There is a shuttle bus that goes from the airport South Parking lot to the Centerport train
station where you can pick up the TRE commuter train that runs between Dallas and
Fort Worth.  From there, take the train to the Ft Worth-ITC station which is walking
distance of downtown. Fort Worth is a very user-friendly city with lots of attractions all
easily accessible to public transportation.

As a New Yorker visiting  Ft Worth, Is there anything I should know about the city and
it's people?

Well, it may be a bit of culture shock for you when you first see what we affectionately
call our little "cowtown",  but I think you'll find Ft Worth a little laid back and the locals
to be very friendly and polite.  So don't be surprised if a stranger strikes up a
conversation with you.

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