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General Austin questions and answers

I will be traveling to Texas in the near future with my son who is a music lover, and he
would be interested in seeing some live music while in Austin.  Does Austin have a
good music scene?

Austin is actually famous for its music scene.  On any given Friday night, your son can go out to
one of more than 100 venues to see great live music.  Some small venues include the Red Eyed
Fly, if he's into local rock and punk, and the Saxon Pub.  If any larger musical act is in town, you
can be sure to catch them at Stubb's BBQ or the Backyard/Live Oak Amphitheater.  

I'm planning on coming to Austin in the summer.  How hot does it actually get down

Well, you're definitely coming the hottest time of the year.  The average highs in July and August
are in the mid-90s.  It can even hit 100 occasionally.  The nights are a bit more comfortable with
the lows around the low 70s.  Good luck, and I hope you catch a cold spell.

I was thinking about going to Austin's South by Southwest festival in March.  Can you
tell me a bit about it?

South by Southwest is an annual festival in Texas where many bands flock to try to get a record
deal.  For five days in March, these bands play all over Austin while many fans, music lovers,
and talent scouts enjoy the music.  There are three options as far as paying for admittance into
the festival, the cheapest being a $115 wrist band.  However, the customers who purchased a
Platinum Badge or a Music Badge, which are more VIP, get into the packed clubs first.  There
are always many, many people there, so be sure to get there early and have your night planned.  
You surely will not have to go far for great music in SXSW, because many performers play right
on the street.  I can say with experience that you will have an amazing time at this festival.

Me and my buddies are coming to Austin to drink and have a good time.  Where are
the best bars?

You certainly won't go thirsty in Austin.  Austin has more bars per capita than any other in the
US.  You got Club DeVille, which has a huge outdoor patio and a 60s interior.  There's the Dog
and Duck pub, which is an English style pub with a nice outdoor patio, to name two.  Have fun
in Austin, it's a fun town!

I'm renting a car from Austin.  Are there any good day trips I can take from there?

Yes, you can head into Hill Country and spend a day in San Antonio, which is about an hour's
drive away on I-35.  You'll pass by peaceful little towns, cactus-speckled cattle ranches, gently
rolling hills and valleys, and clear running rivers.

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