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Once you’ve seen the waterfall, is there anything else to do? I have three children, ages
9 – 15.

You’re in luck! Niagara is a great place for families to vacation together. Besides seeing the Falls,
there are lots of options for fun. Between the river and Bridge Street you’ll find rides, souvenir
shops, restaurants, and for the adults -- casinos. Walking around this area is fun at night because it’
s all lit up like a G-rated Las Vegas. The Great Canadian Midway is a huge arcade full of rides
and games where you win tickets to redeem for prizes. There’s a Hard Rock Café and a Hershey’
s Shop (yummy chocolate), Ripley’s Believe it or Not, and a miniature golf course with a dinosaur
theme. There’s The Falls Tower where you’ll get an aerial panorama of the city and the Falls. The
Skylon Tower is the tallest building in the city and has a restaurant that revolves to give you a
panorama view that can’t be beat. A mile away is Marineland (7657 Portage Road), a groovy
aquarium that’s open between May and Oct. To show your kids some American history, go to
Fort Niagara in nearby Youngstown, NY – it’s a 300 year old fort preserved as it was in the
For free, at night, the Falls are illuminated by groovy colored lights, and in summer there’s
fireworks. It sounds corny, but it’s really not – it’s worth seeing. I love them.

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