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I hear that the Canadian side is better than the American side. What does that mean?

You get a better view from Canada, thatís what that means. The Niagara River divides the US
(New York State) and Canada (Province of Ontario). The river is winding, not straight, and the
Falls part is in a bend in the river and they face away from the US. If you stand on the US side of
the Niagara River, you can see some of the waterfalls but itís at an angle. The falls face Canada,
so on the Canadian side you can see them from top to bottom in all their glory. And you get to
ride the Maid of the Mist, the boat that takes you right up inside the Horseshoe Falls. Youíll get
drenched on the ride, but they give you a groovy plastic poncho to protect yourself. If you want to
stay in the US, you can still have get the best view possible by using the Prospect Point
Observation Tower, right next to the Bridal Veil Falls where youíre so close youíll get splashed
by Niagara water. Thereís also a 184-ft. glass elevator that takes you to the bottom of the
Niagara Gorge.

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