QUESTION: I donít gamble. I know there are many shows to see, but
besides that, is there anything for me to do in Las Vegas?

ANSWER: Iím glad you asked. I mourned when Las Vegas tried to be a family
vacation spot because thereís already many places for families to vacation
but few places for adults. Now that Vegas is embracing its ďSin CityĒ
heritage, I want to invite all my friends and family to come. Vegas is a
great place to hook up, especially if youíre a woman. Rio and the Hard
Rock Hotel attract young crowds; the other hotels attract adults in
their 30s and 40s.
If youíre thinking of other forms of play, Las Vegas has lots of
rides you wonít find at Disneyland. Circus Circus has a huge indoor
amusement park, but I like outdoor rides. The rollercoaster at The Sahara
dips underground during its run. My nephew (who is 23) always goes on the
New York New York rollercoaster when he visits. Itís about 10 stories
above The Strip, has a corkscrew turn, and lasts about 3 minutes. The
scariest rides are atop the Stratosphere. One ride is kind of like a
seesaw and leaves you dangling over the outside edge of the building about
900 feet above the ground. Thereís a second ride that is kind of like
bungee-jumping upwards on the needle atop the Stratosphere. And thereís
an outdoor rollercoaster that rings the base of the Stratosphereís
tower. Iím too scared to go on any of them. I prefer to sit indoor on the
51st floor bar and enjoy the panoramic views of the city. (By the way,
thereís also a restaurant on the 51st floor that turns slowly as youíll
get to see all 360 degrees.)
Las Vegas hotels themselves are spectacles worth a tour. Your can
walk around the public space of all hotels without being a registered
guest. Many have their own shopping malls inside. Caesarís Palace is
particularly overwhelming. You can see real penguins and flamingos outdoors
at The Flamingo (where itís surprisingly cool on even the hottest
days), and of course the white tigers are on display at The Mirage. You have
to see these hotels to believe them.
For something less active, why not just lie around the hotel pool?
Most hotels require that you be a guest to use the pool. The best one,
according to the cab drivers Iíve asked, is at Mandalay Bay. The pool
at the Hard Rock is good, too, but prepared to see lots of piercings and

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