Please tell me if the St Augustine real estate market is overvalued or undervalued
compared to other real estate markets. Thanks

That's a pretty broad question as there are so many areas in St. Augustine.  The downtown tourist
area, of course, if overvalued.  There are many communities on the outskirts of downtown that are
within value.  We also have golf course gated communities that are way overvalued.  So it all
depends on where you want to live.  I don't think there are too many areas within St. Augustine that
are undervalued compared to the rest of Florida in general.
We have many run-down areas that are being bought up by builders where you can get a very good
value right now, but as soon as those areas are known then they, of course, will go up in value.

Good evening, planning to visit St. Augustine for the first time this April.  Can you advise a
unique although not costly dining experiences?

Creekside which is located by the Home Depot on Ponce de Leon Blvd.  It's not in the tourist area
so you'll need a car.   You can sit outside and they have a guitar player.  The locals eat there a lot.
If you're going to be over on Anastasia Island, there's a restaurant called La Strada.  Great italian,
but I can't remember the prices.  They're not ridiculous though, I know that.
Caps on the Water is good if you're over on the St Aug beach side.  They're really good for lunch
and you can sit out on the deck on the Intracoastal and watch the boats go by.
Then we have your normal restaurants, chain restaurants, like Carabbas, Red Lobster,  Johnny
Carrinos (GREAT Jalapeno Talapia).  Those are all on Highway 312.
Have fun and enjoy!

Where do the locals eat? Have lived in St. Augustine back in the 60's and worked at the
school for the deaf and blind. I will be returning in July and would love to eat somewhere
good. Please advise me of your picks

Restaurants are my speciality.  I don't like to cook!  If you're looking for $15 - 25 plates, then AJ's
is the best.  It's on San Marco.
If you're looking for less than $15.00 then I would have to say Creekside by the Home Depot on
Ponce de Leon Blvd.  You can sit outside and hear a guitar player.
Glad you're coming back!!

I need to know where to go that would interest and entertain our twin daughters.  They
love animals.  I know they will  like the alligator farm, is there any where else?   Is the
water park still there?  Its been 8 years since our last visit.  We love your city, and cant
wait to return.  We will be there in June.   Thank you

The best place to get information for kids is http://www.staugustineforkids.com
That website is loaded with information.  Yes the waterpark is still here!!
Also you may look into Fiesta Falls Miniature Golf Course, and Black Forest Stables
Anastasia State Park.  In summer, the annual Beach Bash takes place the first Saturday in June.
Also during the summer, campfire programs on Saturday nights include a fire circle, slide shows,
entertainment and living history programs.

We want to camp with a pop up on or near a beach and plan to surf fish
Can you name a good tackle store , campground and beach we can drive on?
How is the fishing in april?

Directly across the street from the ocean is  Ocean Grove Camp Resort, 4225 A1A South, St
Augustine.  904-471-3414. http://www.oceangroveresort.com/welcome.asp
The next one is North Beach Camp Resort, 4125 Coastal Hwy, St Augustine 904-824-1806.  
Their website is: http://www.northbeachcamp.com/
I would think they both have bait shops on the grounds but I'm sure the website can give you
additional information. I don't fish so I can't tell you what the fishing is like in April.  I'm sorry!

My wife and I are coming to St Augustine for a holiday.We are 70 years young!. The area
has great appeal, history, culture, music and beach combing--magic! Is there enough to
keep us "busy" for 1 or 2 weeks, late Sep./Oct. We are from UK England, any information
will be grate- fully received. Thank you ,best wishes

You will have a wonderful time here in St. Augustine.  There's surely enough to keep you busy for
one week in downtown St. Augustine in the historic district then another week out at the beach!!   
You can also use St. Augustine as a "homebase" and travel down to Daytona Beach (45 minutes)
and Orlando (2 1/2 hours).
If you like to golf, it would take at least 2 weeks to play all the courses in the area!
Let me give you some of the websites that I would recommend checking out before your arrival as
they have the most comprehensive lists of Things To Do!
http://www.florida-staugustine.com/ - (The chocolate factory is being rebuilt so is not open at this
http://www.innsofelegance.com/sail.htm - If you stay at one of these Inns, they give you a free sailng
aboard the Schooner Freedom.
During the months of Sept and October, the World Golf Village IMAX theater is showing Straight
Up! Helicopters in Action IMAX Opening EVENT
Every day Thursday, May 25th thru Tuesday, October 31st, 2006
Narrated by Martin Sheen, the film celebrates the critical, yet often-unheralded role helicopters play
in various situations around the world. The films first showing is at 6 p.m. on Friday with Saturday
showings at 11 a.m. and at 1, 2, 6 and 7 p.m. The film will be shown regularly at the IMAX Theater
through October. Tickets are $7.50 for adults, $5 for seniors, military personnel and children ages
4-12.. The World Golf Hall of Fame IMAX Theater is located at the World Golf Village, off I-95
Exit # 323, in St. Augustine. For more information call 904.940.IMAX. (About 20 minutes from
downtown St. Augustine right off Interstate 95). You'll have a wonderful time!! Hope I've provided
you with enough information to get you going.  

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