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General Sedona questions and answers

Can you explain about the New Age culture in Sedona?

A lot of people come to Sedona in search of the new age culture.  It has been called a spiritual
mecca in the United States.  Energy vortexes were discovered here in the 1980s, and there are a
number of tours you can go on which are simply amazing.  Sedona also offers psychic channeling,
crystal healing, aura photography, and past-life regressions.  There are four major vortexes located
in the red-rock mountains, which you can see for yourself

I want to stay in a cabin with my family in the wilderness while visiting Sedona.  Is there
anything like that?

Yes, Sedona does offer some cabin-type hotels.  You can try Don Hoelís Cabins, or The Canyon
Wren Cabins, or the Briar Patch Inn.  Any of these will put you in a cabin in the middle of the
beautiful Arizona landscape.  I definitely recommend the cabin option.  Itís the only way to stay in

Iím going to take a vacation to Arizona, and I want to drive from Sedona to Flagstaff.  Can
you recommend a good scenic drive?

Definitely take the drive north through Oak Creek Canyon, also known as highway 89A.  This is an
absolutely beautiful drive through red, orange, and white cliffs along the Oak Creek.  You can get a
real idea for authentic Arizona landscapes.

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