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What hotels would you recommend near the Seattle Center?

One very unique, hip hotel is the Ace Hotel.  This hotel, with its futuristic decor, is geared more
towards the younger crowd.  There is also a Vagabond Inn by the Space Needle.  The Seattle Inn
is another option which can clean, spacious rooms and a complimentary breakfast.  For any other
hotels, try the Seattle Hotel Hotline (206-461-5882), or for bed and breakfast inns, try the Seattle
B&B Association.

I am interested in seeing some museums when I come to Seattle.  Can you recommend
any good ones?

In downtown Seattle is a great art museum, the Seattle Art Museum, located at 100 University
Street.  The museum's John H Hauberg Collection has an excellent display of masks, canoes,
totems, and other pieces from Northwest coastal tribes.  It is very interesting.  The cost is $7 for
adults, and free for children.  There is also the Seattle Asian Art Museum in Volunteer Park, which
has beautiful works of art from Japan, China and Korea.  The Burke Museum on 45th St and 16th
Ave hosts a collection of Northwest coast Indian artifacts.  Another one worth noting is the Henry
Art Gallery located at 41st St and 15th Ave.

I plan on visiting Seattle with my entire family.  What activities are there that my children
will enjoy?

The kids will love the Pacific Science Center located at 200 2nd Ave N.  This is packed with
virtual reality exhibits, laser shows, holograms, an Imax theater, and a planetarium.  This attraction
will educate and entertain children of any age.  Downtown on Pier 59 is the Seattle Aquarium.  Its
centerpiece is the Dome, an underwater room where you can gaze at underwater life from every
angle.  Make sure you come to the daily feeding frenzy at 1:30 pm.  

Where is the best place to shop in Seattle?

Most people go to shop in the area along 4th and 5th avenue from Olive Way down to University

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