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I'm looking for a hotel to stay at in Savannah that is in walking distance to the
Riverfront shopping, dining, nightlife and the Historic District, any suggestions?

If you are looking to stay in a really nice Historic Inn, you might want to try the River Street
Inn at 124 East Bay St.  It has spectacular views overlooking the Savannah River to the
North and Savannah's Historic District to the South.  
If you are looking for more a business hotel with contemporary conveniences and luxuries,
I would recommend the Hyatt in the heart of downtown.  Either one would be a good

What is something fun (and relatively inexpensive) a family of four can do in
Savannah besides sightsee the Historic District?

The Savannah Sand Gnats play minor league baseball in Savannah at quaint Grayson
stadium.  They often have fun promotions for the kids.  Last time I went, they had free
pitching and batting games for the kids before the game.  
Another thing you might enjoy is taking a boat ride on the Savannah River.  The ferry is
only a $1.

Where can I go to get a list of all the bus tours, events and things to do in

The 2 best websites you can go for this type of info are which is
the Savannah Convention and Visitor's Bureau (they put out a great travel planner book.
The other good website is

I'm driving up from Florida to New York and I'd like to stop and spend a couple of
hours in Savannah.  Anything you suggest I do to get the flavor of the city?

That's really not much time,  but if I were you I'd just walk around the shops on River St
and enjoy the Savannah River. If you are looking to take another type of short organized
walking tour, I'd visit where you can pick the one that interests
you whether it's the Ghost Tours, Civil War Tours, Tours of Historic homes or Pubs and
Taverns.   Good luck.

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