We are looking to become snow-birds.Everything is so expensive but we really do love Sarasota.We started
looking at manufactured home communities.The last one we looked at was called Camelot East.We want to
make sure we are making the right decision before we do anything.Any suggestions.Thank You

I have been doing some research on Camelot East and it looks very nice. I would say yes, if you've looked
around in that area. It's located in a nice part of Sarasota. I'm so happy you would like to become a "snow
bird". It's funny to hear you call it that. Most of the part time residents don't appreciate the humor in it. If
you aren't that set on being close to the beach, you may want to consider buying a place in Manatee County.
University Parkway seperates Manatee County from Sarasota County. The taxes are much less in Manatee
and if you move to south Manatee County you still have a Sarasota address without the high taxes.  
Downtown Sarasota is about 10 minutes away from south Manatee County and about 20 minutes away from
Siesta Key

I am vaguely familiar with the many beaches close to your area.  I am bringing the kids this time and am
anxious to find some sandollars while there, at the beach, in the water, under the sand.  Not at a souvenir
stand.  Is any time better than another, which beach is our best bet, time of day?  etc..   I found some when
I was a child and the memories are priceless to me,  since then however all I have managed to get is bitten by
a crab at Longboat key!!  Any suggestions?

As far as what time of day to find sandollars, I really don't know. I would assume the afternoon. I hope you
will be able to find some. I remember finding them when I was a child on Anna Maria beach in Manatee
County. As far as beaches in Sarasota, I would think Siesta and Lido have them. You may also want to check
Coquina Beach in Manatee County. If they can't find sandollars, they will surely be able to dig up coquinas
there. With all the hurricanes we had last year I hope you'll be able to find some. Also, please remember to
shuffle your feet on the sand when you're in the water. (Stingrays run from that).
Have a great time and I hope it's memorable for you and your family.

My wife and I are thinking of spending the period November thru February in Sarasota. This is to get away
from the English winter which with the short days and poor weather can be rather depressing.
Could you advise as to the climate in Sarasota during this period.

Our climate is very mild during those months. The days are 60 - 75 degrees fahrenheit during the day and
can range from 40 - 55 degrees fahrenheit at night. I know those are broad estimates, but you never can
predict the weather here in Florida. I feel bad for the weathermen!  We actually have a lot of English tourists
during that time. You would probably enjoy staying on Siesta Key somewhere. Turtle Beach is really nice.
Good luck and I hope you love our area. It is paradise!

I am thinking about moving to sarasota I have small children  I want to know If the will be able to adapt. I
would like to know about the schools and how is the employment

The employment rate is pretty good in Sarasota, but the cost of living is rising daily. Our schools are very
good as well. The best schools (in my opinion) are located in Lakewood Ranch. Here is their website:
Please recommend your top rated spas for women which offer the gamut from multiple types of body
massages to hair and nail services

The best new spa we have in the area is Ritz-Carlton Spa located in the Ritz-Carlton in downtown
Sarasota. Here is their website: http://www.ritzcarlton.com/resorts/sarasota/spa/
Here are a couple more you may be interested in visiting:

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