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General Santa Fe questions and answers

I am taking a family vacation to Santa Fe to visit some relatives.  Is there anything fun to
do with the kids?

The Santa Fe Childrenís museum is a good option.  There are a bunch of hands-on activities the
children will enjoy, and it is also very educational.  There are also some parks you can go to with the
kids, including the Franklin Miles Park, which has a large skateboard facility.  The kids will probably
also enjoy some nature hikes, available throughout Santa Fe.

I am looking to stay in a top-end hotel in New Mexico, price not being a concern.  Any

For this, I would recommend the Inn of the Anasazi.  This has a sort of pueblo theme to it, to add to
its beauty.  Some of the rooms have balconies, but they all have kiva fireplaces.  A good friend of
mine stayed there once and loved it.  Iíve heard La Fonda is also a very nice place to stay.  I hope
you enjoy it!

Are there many public transportation options in Santa Fe?

Yes, there are.  If youíre looking for a sort of shuttle service from the airport to a hotel, there are
services available, including the Sandia Shuttle, which runs from the Albuquerque airport to select
Santa Fe hotels.  There are also buses that run through the city, known as Santa Fe Trails. You won't
have a problem getting around Santa Fe.

I am coming to Santa Fe in the summer.  Is it going to be too terribly hot?

Well, it is not as hot as most people would expect.  The highs in the summer are in the 80s, but it
does get cool at night, so donít only pack light.  It can be in the low 60s in the summer at night, so be
sure to pack sleeves if youíre planning on going out at night.  This is a mistake a lot of people make,
so be prepared.  

Is there any good shopping in Santa Fe?

Yes, there are many different places people go for shopping here in Santa Fe.  For savings, you can
go to the Santa Fe Outlets, which have outlets including Coach and Donna Karen.  Many people also
choose to go to the Tesuque Pueblo Flea Market on US 285.  There are many other places people
shop around town, so keep your eyes peeled.

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