San Diego Transportation questions

How far is the Airport from downtown San Diego and what's the best way of getting

San Diego International Airport is about 3 miles west of Downtown.  Most
major car rental companies have desks at the airport.  There is also Bus  No.
992 also known as the Flyer which operates at 10 to 15 minute intervals
between the airport and Downtown with stops along Broadway.
Airport shuttle services include Cloud 9 Shuttle and Xpress Shuttle.  A taxi to
Downtown from the airport is between $8 and $13.
Local buses and the San Diego Trolley are both operated by Metropolitan
Transit Service (MTS).  The Transit Store located at Broadway and 1st Ave
has maps, tickets, and different types of day passes.  Buses cover most of
the metropolitan area, while the Trolley's main route travels south to the
Mexican border from Old Town.

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