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General Salt Lake City Question and Answers

How easy is it to travel by public transportation from the airport to downtown in Salt
Lake City?

The Salt Lake City International Airport is about 6 miles west of downtown.  There are a bunch
of door to door shuttle vans available.  The cost for a trip downtown should be about $10 to
$15.  Basically, it should be a very easy trip.

Can you recommend a nice hotel to stay at in downtown?

I've heard great things about the Hotel Monaco.  It's a very contemporary place with nice
service in the middle of downtown.  I've heard only nice things about the rooms and service.  
Also, you can have a goldfish brought up to your room, free of charge.

Does Salt Lake City have a fun nightlife?

Yes, despite Salt Lake's reputation, there are plenty of things to do at night.  There is always
something going on in the city if you look.  There are quite a few bars including the popular Port
O'Call, which has a full-service bar and DJs and bands at night.  The Cup of Joe is also a nice
place if youre into the more mellow scene, including acoustic music, coffee, and poetry readings.

What are some good skiing opportunities around Salt Lake City?

While I don't ski myself, I know there are 4 world-class ski resorts in Little Cottonwood and
Big Cottonwood Canyons within 40 minutes of the city.  These areas are famous for skiing.  If
you're serious about skiing, check out this area.

I'm coming to Salt Lake City with my family.  Can you recommend something we can
all do?

If your family is the outdoorsy type, I would strongly recommend going on a beginner nature
hike in a nearby canyon.  Utah has some beautiful and unique scenery in this area you shouldn't
miss.  Another popular attraction is the historic Mormon Sq, where you can get an interesting
guided tour.

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