General Reno questions and answers:

Our family of five will be traveling to Reno / Lake Tahoe in July and staying at
the Squaw Valley Resort. My wife and I have traveled to the area twice before,
and have taken the 3 1/2 - 4 hour drive to the Big Tree State Park in Arnold CA.
Is there a closer park where our kids can see these beautiful trees?

One of the great places to see the giant redwoods is in the
Humboldt National Forest.  Still a couple hours' drive, but BEAUTIFUL. Humboldt
Redwoods State Park is a great place to see the big trees.   Here's a great website for
more info:  http://www.humboldtredwoods.org/

When you're in Squaw Valley, be sure to stop at the Squeeze In Restaurant in historic
downtown Truckee for breakfast.  They were featured in the February issues of National
Geographic Adventure and in Powder Magazine too, as well as the San Francisco
Chronicle in March.

Finally, Reno is only about a half hour from Truckee the kids would enjoy a visit to the
Great Basin Adventure and Museum near downtown (a true desert and
mining town type experience).   For lunch in Reno, try EJ's Jazz Cafe on the river walk in
downtown.  Have a great visit in Tahoe!  

Where is Reno's downtown located?

Reno's downtown is located north of the Truckee River and south of I-80.  Most of the
action is along Virgnia St. between 1st and 6th Streets.  The visitor center is in the lobby of
the National Bowling Stadium between 3rd and 4th Streets at 300 N Center St.

What are the Reno casinos like and how do they compare to the ones in Vegas?

Many Reno casinos lack flash, though Vegas-style palaces are becoming more popular.  
Older places include Fitzgeralds on N Virginia St and the Eldorado on 2nd St.  Harrahs
(on Center St) aims for a classier crowd, while the Silver Legacy shows off with a
19th-century streetscape plus sound-and-light shows inside a 120 foot dome.  Circus
Circus (500 N Virginia St) has free circus acts and a game-filled midway.

Where are places to stay  Reno?

The casinos are cheapest during midweek with prices rising considerably on weekends
where rooms can be hard to find.  The following hotels are listed in order from cheapest to
more expensive:  Sundowner, Fitgeralds, Circus Circus, Peppermill, Reno Hilton.  In
addition, cheap motels can be found along W 4th and E 5th Sts

Where are some good places to eat?

If you want a great place to get a gigantic burger that won't break the bank, I suggest the
Nugget on N Virginia Street.  
It's a total dump but you won't regret it, I promise.  You have to order the "Awful Awful
Burger".  It comes with one pound of the best french fries ever.  You could easily split it
between two people, but a real champ can do it all by themselves! Eat up and enjoy!

If you're hungry,  the casinos' all-you-can-eat buffet's are well worth it.  The weekday
brunch at Harrah's includes fresh fruits and salads at a reasonable price.  Brew Brothers, in
the El Dorado has tasty late night pizzas and excellent microbrews.  Reno's cheapest meal,
where they have very low priced eggs and bacon, is at the Cal Neva.  

Where is the Reno airport in relation to downtown?  Where is the Greyhound Bus

The Reno-Tahoe International Airport is a few miles southeast of downtown.  The
Greyhound station near W. First Street and Arlington Avenue has frequent buses to San
Francisco, Las Angeles and Las Vegas.  

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