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General Pittsburgh Questions and Answers

What kind of hotels are there in the Pittsburgh area?

All of the major hotel/motel chains are readily available in the Pittsburgh area. The Downtown has
a Renaissance Pittsburgh Hotel, Ramada Plaza Suites & Conference Center, the upscale Omni
William Penn, the Westin Pittsburgh Convention Center and Courtyard by Marriot.
If one is renting a car, take advantage of the lower rates in the easily accessible suburbs of Green
Tree and Monroeville Boroughs or in the Robinson, Moon and North Fayette Township vicinities.
Unique specialty hotels like The Priory on Pittsburgh’s North Shore can be found as well.

What is the best way for getting around Pittsburgh?

Pittsburgh has a limited underground system called the “T.” It is free to ride within the downtown
area. Port Authority busses are available, but run limited weekend schedules.
The best way around town is by car. The city is unfortunately difficult to navigate. It is not a “grid”
city by any means. However, since Pittsburgh is the absolute friendliest city in the country, asking
directions may actually result in one of our resident drivers saying “follow me,” then actually
leading you to your destination. Study your maps before you leave for your destination, and ask a
local each and every time. The suburbs are much easier to navigate. A car is a necessity.

How do I choose a good restaurant in Pittsburgh?

Pick up a Pittsburgh Magazine when you get to town. It has a rundown of nearly every restaurant
in a 10 mile radius. Pittsburgh offers something for every taste and pocketbook, from Ethiopian
fare to some of the best French haute cuisine to be found anywhere. Don’t hesitate to ask a local
here either!!

Is Pittsburgh an affordable place to relocate to?

Every possible shape, size and price range of residence is available in the Pittsburgh vicinity.
Lofts have popped up in many of the neighborhoods that formerly house light industry. Affordable
housing for every pocketbook can be easily found within or close to the city limits.  Cost of living
and real estate prices in the suburbs are a steal compared to other similarly sized cities.

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