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Pittsburgh Attractions


The South Side
Tons of nightlife. Inexpensive to expensive restaurants. Coffeehouses, art galleries, rock and jazz
clubs, concert venues and lots of other live entertainment. This is an old working class
neighborhood that thrives at night. Park around Carson Street and18th Street to find a good
starting point.
Check out a free City Paper to catch a favorite local band! Further down Carson Street, you’ll find
the new South Side Works. Built on a former steel mill sight, this new complex of theaters
restaurants and shops draws a lot of visitors.

Station Square

Shops, bars, and a variety of restaurants in a revamped P&LE railroad center. It houses the Hard
Rock Café and other nationally recognized fun chains. Drive or walk across the Smithfield Street
Bridge, or you can take the “T.” The ride ceases to be free once you cross either river. Great
views of the city and the Mon River are to be found here.


Upscale/trendy bars, art galleries and stores in a high end neighborhood. The homes of the great
old industrialists who made the city the steel center of the world are a Victorian Age enthusiast’s
treasure chest. Slide over to nearby Point Breeze and visit Clayton, the home of Henry Clay Frick.
It houses many pieces of his eclectic art collection and offers a great trip back to the age of the
industrialists. Unlike the Frick in NYC, it’s much more a expertly maintained historic home than a

The Strip District

This old merchants’ wholesale area is an easy walk from downtown. Daytime shoppers will find
tons of deals from street merchants, ethnic food markets, bakeries, produce markets and some of
Pittsburgh’s favorite foods. Primanti Brothers restaurant has world famous all-inclusive
sandwiches, while Wholey’s and Benkovitz’s seafood counters offer the other favorite of the locals,
a deep fried fish sandwich. Don’t forget to add the hot sauce. Dance clubs and bars come alive at

The Cultural District

The heart of downtown offers one of the country’s most compact fine arts areas. This is a home to
cabarets, stage shows and most importantly one of the world’s great symphony orchestras. You’ll
find the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra second to none. Restaurants and night spots, although
not present in great quantity, are interspersed throughout.


Oakland is Pittsburgh’s medical and educational center. It is home to both the University of
Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University. The Carnegie Library, Music Hall, Art and History
Museum sits adjacent to Schenley Park, where the Phipps Conservatory is just a short walk into
this huge and well kept green space. Typical to any student populated area of the county,
inexpensive ethnic and pedestrian fare establishments abound.

Squirrel Hill

This was identified as Pittsburgh’s Jewish community for years. It’s now much more ethnically
eclectic, and offers stores, various ethnic restaurants, delis and some better vegetarian places.
Frick Park is adjacent.


NHL Hockey, NFL football and Major League Baseball take place in walk-to venues from the
downtown area. The baseball field, PNC Park, may be the best in either league. Division one
college basketball is abundant as well.

Unique to the “Burgh”

The Inclines

Two of these climb to Mount Washington. There, you’ll get the greatest view of a major American
city available. World travelers may argue for Monmarte, but where else can you see the
confluence of two rivers form a new one? The Seine and the what did you say? You can also see
all of Point State Park from the overlooks as it touches all 3 rivers.

Bar Food

Ask any Pittsburgher!!  The best cheap, unwholesome, utterly filling and delicious food is to be
found in almost every bar in western Pennsylvania. Great big fried fish sandwiches purchased at
the local bars have long been a Friday night tradition. For take-out, never call your order in.  
Waiting at the bar is worth the trip here. Have a big, cheap (still a buck some places), draft beer
and listen to our native tongue, “Pittsburghese,” being spoken .
“Wing Nights” at the local bars are becoming family affairs. Out-of-towners will find the friendly
clientele more than willing to assist in offering directions around town, or to help choose the best
menu item. Believe it or not, locals have fierce loyalties to their favorite watering holes and
accompanying specialties.

Friday night football

Locals pack the high school fields every Friday in the fall for one of Western Pennsylvania’s most
revered traditions. Some of the NFL’s great got their start here, like Joe Namath, Joe Montana,
Johnny Unitas and Dan Marino to name a few. Saturday afternoons offer some great smaller
college games. Duquesne University plays its Mid-Atlantic Conference games on the uptown
campus, while Robert Morris University plays their Northeast Conference games at their new on
campus facility in nearby Moon Township. If you take in an RMU game, be sure to stick around for
halftime where one of the country’s zaniest marching bands will have you dancing in (or on) your

Other Don’t Miss Attractions

The Fort Pitt Blockhouse and Museum in Point State Park
The National Aviary on the North Side.
Tours like the “Just Ducky” amphibian/land excursion
The Gateway Clipper Fleet
The Carnegie Science Center
History and Landmark Society Tours

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