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What is Scottsdale like and should I plan a day trip there while in the Phoenix

Many people relocate to Scottsdale as it is currently experiencing a real estate boom.  
Most visitors come to Scottsdale to wander through its popular shopping district,
known as "Old Town" for its early 20th century buildings (and others built to look old).  
Basically, though its home to a lot of upscale galleries and gift stores.

Where are the nice resorts to stay at in Phoenix and can I stay there at a
reasonable price?

Phoenix is known for its numerous lavish resorts which are basically vacation
destinations themselves, complete with restaurants, pools, spas and golf courses.  Many
of Phoenix's resorts are located off of Camelback Rd north of downtown.  Note that
room rates can drop dramatically during the summer making these luxurious properties
almost a bargain.

We were in Phoenix last year the first week of July and loved the weather. I
understand we just missed the monsoon weather. We are planning on returning
mid to late July this year. What will the weather be? Will it rain every day?

Actually, our Monsoon season does not begin until July and does not end until Sept. It
rarely rains everyday in Phoenix anyway. Monsoon rains are usually only in the
afternoon, and last only a couple of hours.  In fact, you can see them coming in.  
Tucson, which receives much more monsoon rain, is lucky to get that 2 times a week.
So have no fear! Unless its one of those very freak years the rains will not wreck you
week, no matter when you come. I hope this helps.

I would like to visit Phoenix in late July, but I hear there is not much to do
outdoors because of the extreme heat. Please let me know what there is to do.

Yes the heat can be quite extreme. So locals just wake earlier and go to bed earlier. (if
your the outdoorsy type) Nothing is closed due to the heat. We are used to it.
However, when you visit make sure you drink lots of water. You will never feel the
evaporation. Many hikers visiting during our summers have died due to this quick
evaporation. There is a pretty large water park in Tempe, Castles n Coasters, a small
theme park off 17, many of the Parks have ponds/lakes and picnic areas. For indoors
there is always shopping, skate parks, wine tasting, or go to the cooler areas of the
state. Hope this helps.

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