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I am coming to Panama Beach to visit and am possibly considering relocating, do
you have any suggestions as to where I can turn to for  real estate info?

There are about 6500+ condos, and nearly 14,000 hotel / motel units, with something
available in every price range. Keep in mind you may also find beach houses for rent as
well. A great website to check out for this type of info is  You can go to
this site and click on PROPERTY SEARCH in the upper right hand corner and type in the
parameters of the property you are looking for. There is also a CONDO SALES feature on
the left side of the Home Page that takes you to a map of the beaches.  It lists
every condo for sale from one end of Panama City Beach to the other.  It has a search
engine to search by PRICE, and a payment calculator. A link to has been
placed at the bottom of this page.

Where is Panama City Beach?

Panama City Beach is located on the Gulf of Mexico about half way between the inland city
of Tallahassee and the bayfront city of Pensacola. There are 4 main highways entering the

What is the weather like throughout the year in Panama City Beach?

We have a nice warm Spring and pleasant Fall. Average temperature in the mid 70's in the
spring to about 80 in the Fall. The winter is relatively short. Temperatures from Dec-March
range from an average high of 65 to 40-50 at night. Summer temperatures hit the mid to
high 80's during the day dropping down to about 70 at night. Water temperatures are best
for swimming from April- October.

What is the Panama City Beach sand like?

Our beaches consist of fine white sand that in most places looks like pure sugar! 23 miles of
beautiful white sand gives you plenty of room to kick back and enjoy the beach! If you really
want to be alone, plan to visit Shell Island just to the east and accessible only by boat.
There are several shuttles available. You can even rent your own boat!!

Where are the good restaurants?

There are dozens of great restaurants! Some small and quaint, others so busy you need to
get there early in the evening! You'll find everything from fast-food to elegant
dining,.....something for every budget- from hamburgers to seafood platters.

What is there to do after a great day on the beach?

Obviously, "Fun" is in the eyes of the beholder! The youngsters are going to love our
amusement parks and arcades during the day, and with their energy, they can play and ride
the rides until way into the night! After a great seafood meal you may prefer music! You can
find just about any type of music you like. From a "50's" group called "Clutch", to country,
blues, and several places offering karaoke where you can "do your own thing." There are
dinner cruises with dancing, as well as gospel dinner cruises. Some night spots and
restaurants have DJ's playing music while you just sit and visit with family and friends.

How do I know when it is safe to go swimming in the Gulf?

We have a "FLAG" system on the beach. Watch the flags on the beach to get the current
water conditions. BLUE means it is OK to swim. YELLOW means swim with caution. RED
means stay out of the Gulf. (Note: ) If you are swimming in the Gulf and you find yourself
unable to make it back to shore against the current, you will be likely fighting against the
"undertow" or "riptide", as it is also called. Don't panic. Just start swimming parallel to the
beach until you feel the current subside, then swim in to the beach. This is a very important
thing to tell your family and friends.
panama city beach flag system has changed :
green= water calm
yellow= use caution
1 red flag=stay out of water, dangerous undertow
2 red flags=beaches closed
purple flag=marine life present(jellyfish, rays, sharks)

How do I know which fishing boat to go on?

If you want to go just a little bit offshore to give the kids a great little adventure, we
recommend the 4-5 hour 'half day" trips on the "Party" boats which offer fishing completely
around the boat when it stops over a fishing site. Kids really love this and they are back in
plenty of time for a fun night on Panama City Beach. For more serious fishermen, book an
all-day charter on either another Party boat or lineup a private charter. Want to do your own
thing? Rent a boat at Grand Lagoon and catch your own dinner!

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