I am looking for a place that has easy access to Disney / Universal / Seaworld  
that would not be too expensive and is in a decent area?

Check out motels or hotels along International Drive. There are some good
economical places there and travel to the theme parks isn't difficult.
I am a fan of big themepark rides. Where would he best place for that be?

I would check out Islands of Adventure
I am coming to Orlando but am very confused on what to see and how much
time I  will need to see it all.  I will be in Orlando for approximately 3 days.  
What do you suggest?

If you have little kids with you, Magic Kingdom is probably the best place to
spend a lot of time.  If not and you want to see movie studio exhibits with great
shows, go to either MGM or Universal Studios.  MGM is the movie studio
with great shows and a fantastic water laser light/fireworks show at night. To
see animals, it's Animal Kingdom. For serious Roller Coaster and water rides,
it's Islands of Adventure. And my personal favorite is Epcot which is the most
educational and has all the science and international exhibits.  Plan on at least a
day for each theme park.  Hope this helps.
What are the driving times between Orlando International Airport, downtown
Orlando, and the Disney Theme parks?

It is a 20 minute drive between the Orlando International Airport and
downtown Orlando and it is around 35 minutes from either downtown Orlando
or Orlando International Airport to the Disneyworld.
I am a college student who will shortly be moving to Orlando to attend the
University of Central Florida.  Do you know of any good on-line web/chat sites
where I can meet new people, ask questions, find out more about the Orlando
community, etc?

I believe what you are looking for can be found at www.OrlandoForums.com.
This is the best on-line Orlando community site that I know of.  This site is real
popular with the younger crowd.  You can post questions, read club and
restaurant reviews, and just generally discuss anything of Orlando interest. They
occasionally even have some meet-up parties.  It's free to join.

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