"JACK THE HACK" - a LEGENDARY New York City Cabbie

Whether you're flying into Laguardia, JFK, or Newark airports, your first
impression of a New Yorker will probably be that of your cab driver.  If you're
lucky, it will be "Jack the Hack".

In a city of over 40,000 taxi drivers, Jack the Hack is arguably the most famous
New York cabbie.  One thing that makes him unique is that he is actually a
friendly driver who knows where he's going.  But the thing that really makes him
special is his love for driving a taxi in New York City which he has been doing
for the last 55 years, making him one of the oldest cabbies around.

If you are lucky enough to get into Jack's cab during your visit to New York,
you'll feel like it's your birthday as he'll probably give you "Have a Happy Day"
balloons and buttons that will be sure to put a smile on your face.

The only thing he loves more than driving his cab is his family, as pictures of his
wife, children and grandchildren are prominenty displayed.

Jack is a real New York character who has his passengers intrigued as he tells
his stories ranging from the many famous celebrities he's driven to the time he
chauffeured a dog.

Jack the Hack was recently featured on the CBS show "Sunday Morning" in a
story about how New York's oldest Taxi driver finally received his long awaited
high school diploma which was put on hold when he was drafted into WWII.

Then there's the story of Jack and his wife Harriet attending his high school prom
at Midwood High in Brooklyn at the age of 75 but let Jack tell you the rest as
only he can do.