Where's a good hotel to stay at in Manhattan that's in walking distance of many activites.  I'm only going to
be in New York for a weekend and I'd like to stay somewhere in the heart of the city. Thanks.

Times Square is probably considered the place in New York that's in the middle of all the action.  Athough a
bit pricey, the Marriott Marquis is a really nice hotel with a revolving restaurant overlooking Times Square.  
If you stay in Times Square you'll be in walking distance of Broadway shows, Toys R Us, Rockefeller
Center, MTV and the Fashion District. There's also tons of shopping and restaurants nearby.  Hope you
enjoy your trip.

Another Answer to Question above:
For those interested in moderate rates in the "heart of MANHATTAN",    All these places are centrally
located and very convenient to buses and subways:  The New Yorker Hotel/481 8th Ave; Habitat Hotel/130
E 57th St.; Edison Hotel/228 W47th St.; Milford Plaza/270 W45 St & 8th Ave; B.w. President 234 W48th
St.; Ameritana Hotel 230 W54th St; Quality Times Sqr/157 W47th St.; Wellington Hotel/ 871 Seventh Ave
& 55th St. among many others.  These places have rates ranging from $85 to $120pp - you can't find
better deals!  All locations are safe and are in the "hustle & bustle" of NYC.  So please come and take a bite!
We will be arriving in Manhattan in late May and are planning on staying for a week.  What weather is
typical of this time frame?
Also do you know of any tours that would take us around Greenwich Village, Little Italy, Chinatown, Soho
and the Chelsea area where we wouldn't have to walk too much.  Walking distances is difficult for me but I
want to see as much as possible in our week there.

Glad you're coming to "the city".  I suggest you check out Big Apple Tours - They offer many routes
around the island for site seeing.  They allow easy access to get on and off to explore different
neighborhoods and then board another bus later.  These buses are double decker-open top buses.  When
you arrive in the city, you will probably see "pedi-cabs" - these are similar to "ricshaws" (excuse my
spelling...) but are peddled like a bike with a "two-seater" cart attached - very fun and comfortable.  Fares
can be negotiated and the operators are quite friendly and knowledgeable!  Yellow cabs are not expensive
and are quite abundant except on rainy days!  City buses are also extremely convenient because they run all
day very frequently north and south/east to west - get a metrocard - it works for both buses and subways.  
This time of year the temperatures fluctuate - so, please dress for spring but ALWAYS carry a light
sweater or jacket.  The nights maybe cool.  Be safe and enjoy

I would like to know the which is the best way to travel to our hotel at 33rd
St.via public transportation from JFK airport.

The "A" train is the closest public train station to the airport (a short bus ride away via either a public bus or
the long term parking bus).  Once on the A train, it's around an hour ride to 34th st and 8th Ave.
Or a Taxi ride from the airport would probably be around $45 and take around 45 minutes.
Which is the closest airport to midtown Manhattan?

Of the 3 major airports serving New York City (JFK, Newark, and Laguardia),  Laguardia airport is the
closest mileage and timewise to midtown Manhattan.  It should take around 20 minutes with no traffic via a
I'm looking for to rent a studio or 1 bedroom apartment in New York for under $1000 a month.
Is something like this possible in a decent area?

It will probably be very difficult to get a studio or one bedroom in that price range in Manhattan.
But if you are willing to live in one of the outer boroughs (Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island),
this is possible. There are some nice areas in Brooklyn and Queens where the rents are still fairly reasonable
and it will short commute into Manhattan via public transportation. I suggest going to
www.villagevoice.com to begin your search.
What are the Taxi rates for 2 or 3 people?  What percent is the tip? Are Cabs available at the

Cabs in New York "Do Not" charge by the person.  They have a passenger carrying capacity of 5 - NY law
does not allow them to carry more than that amount.  They have an "initial" rate of $2 dollars - after that,
the meter determines the final price - no matter the passenger load.  Tips vary, but usually around "the
city", most give at least $1.  However, if you're coming from one of the airports, tips may be around $5 or
so - (it's your decision...).  Cabs are numerous at the airports and around "the city" - unless it's raining!  
When at the airport,  ALWAYS go to the "baggage claim lower level" exits and proceed to designated  
yellow cab stands!!!  Drivers will NEVER leave their cabs to solicit rides - DO NOT GO WITH ANYONE
cabdrivers. Be Smart!  As I mentioned before, NYC yellow cabs are numerous in Mahattan except for rainy
days.  You will not have trouble "hailing a cab".  If you need more info, try the NYC cab cite
www.nyc.gov/taxi .  Safe travels and enjoy your New York Experience!

We'll in NYC next weekend & will be seeing "The Producers" on Saturday evening. What is appropriate

I recommend that you wear something "dressy, stylish but casual" .  Broadway is not as "black tie" as it
once was - but, it is still an experience to look your best!  I suggest to always carry some sort of light
jacket or sweater because it is quite cold inside the theaters