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Is jazz the only music Iíll hear in New Orleans? I hate Dixieland. Isnít Harry
Connick Jr from New Orleans?  

Lots of white people think country/bluegrass music is uniquely American. Theyíre wrong.
(Iím white, by the way, but I know history.) Country music was brought to America by the
Celts: Irish and Scottish immigrants who settled in the mountains of Pennsylvania, Ohio,
Kentucky, West Virginia, etc. Listen to celldh and itís Merle Haggard without the Okie
accent. Jazz is like nothing anyone ever heard before, and they heard it first in New
Orleans. Dixieland is just one version of jazz: thereís also BeBop (Charlie Parker, Dizzy
Gillespie), Big Band (Glenn Miller, Count Bassie, Duke Ellington), Cool (Miles Davis,
Dave Brubeck, Fusion (Miles Davis, Pat Metheny), Avant Garde (Ornette Coleman, Don
Cherry, John Coltrane), Neoclassical (Wynton Marsalis, Branford Marsalis), Jazz Lite
(Muzak). But New Orleans isnít limited to jazz: you can hear the standards (Pat OíBrienís
piano bar), the Blues (House of Blues), Cajun (Patoutís Cajun Cabin), Zydeco (Cajun +
R&B at Michaulís), and what we call Swamp (rock and roll with a dash of Cajun at
Tipitinaís, the club in the movie ďThe Big EasyĒ). And lastly, even though you say you doní
t like it, try Pete Fountainís and Preservation Hall for traditional Dixieland.  

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