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Is there decent public transportation between the New Orleans airport and the city?
Should I rent a car while I'm visiting?

We don't have the best shuttle to and from the airport in Kenner, LA.
There's a bus called Airport Express that will take you to the Public
Library on Tulane Ave in downtown New Orleans. From there, you can try
to flag a cab. There is also an Airport Shuttle that's more expensive
and makes the rounds to the hotels in downtown and the French Quarter.
The time it takes to get to your hotel depends on who is on the same
bus with you and where they're staying. A private cab will cost the
most, but it may end up being the most efficient option for you. While
you're in the city, cabs can be flagged on the street but the driver can
refuse to take you to your destination if it's too far away. This
attitude is also why you should call for a cab the day before your
departure, and then call again in the morning to remind the service to pick
you up. Cabs will be hard to find outside of downtown and the French
Quarter. While you're in our city, RTA (Regional Transit Authority) buses
and streetcars are an option. Check out their website at

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