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My friend is coming to Nashville. Her husband is a disabled vet and they
do not have extra funds. They are bringing three gandchildren and
wondered if there is anything to do with them for free.

The Nashville area has many fine parks that they can visit.
Opryland hotel is a "do not miss", with a 44-foot waterfall, laser-light and fountain
shows, and tours aboard our Delta Flatboats - right inside the hotel.  
Cheekwood Botanical Garden & Museum of Art offers a variety of workshops
and classes in the Learning Center and can incorporate nature walks and
botanical lectures.
Fort Nashborough is a replica of the original settlement of Nashville. Authentic in
many details, the fort reflects the lifestyle of frontier pioneers in the late 1700s.
One of the primary missions of the Frist Center for the Visual Arts is education.
The museum and gallery facility support this mission by offering free admission to
all visitors 18 and under. Located on the second floor gallery is ArtQuest, a
learning center dedicated to art exploration and geared toward children.
Dancing Water Fountains come alive during the summer months at Bicentennial
Capitol Mall State Park. Each water fountain represents a river in Tennessee and
empties into one basin representing the Mississippi River. I hope this helps.

Where are the budget hotels located in Nashville and around how much do
they charge?

There's a cluster of budget hotels and motels on all sides of downtown  Most
charge around $40 to $60 for rooms.  At any hotel, lower rates are available
midweek, on slow weekends and during the winter.  Be aware hotel tax in
Nashville adds 14.25%.

Where is the Grand Ole Opry House located and do they have guided

The Grand Ole Opry House is located in a suburban tourist zone called Music
Valey about 10 miles northeast of Nashville.  Guided backstage tours are offered
daily.  Last time I checked, the price was $9.

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