1. If you are coming to Miami between May and October, be sure to pack an
umbrella.  Afternoon thuderstorms can get pretty strong.  In addition, it can rain
anytime, anyplace in Miami.  Locals have seen conditions where it was literally
sunny on one side of the street and rainy on the other side.

2. Use plenty of sun block to avoid going home with a nasty sunburn. Visitors to
Miami often uderestimate the power and intensity of the sun which strong year
round, but especially in the Summer months.

3. Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration from the intense heat and humidity.
You will sweat a lot on most days in Miami.

4. Avoid driving on major Miami highways during rush hour. Traffic is real bad in
Miami most of the day, but especially between 7 and 9 am and again between 4
and 7 pm.   Probably the worst Miami highway is the Palmetto expressway (hwy
826) so avoid it if you can.

5. If you are flying into South Florida, consider the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood
airport which is less congested and easier to navigate than the Miami International
airport.  The Fort Lauderdale airport is approximately 25 miles north of Miami.

6.Don't act like a tourist. Stay alert and do not read maps while driving or leave
anything in your car that might say "I'm a Tourist". Unfortunately, Miami has had a
history of Tourists being followed and robbed.

7. Brush up on your Spanish.  Miami has many spanish speaking citizens and has  
some areas (like Hialeah) where Spanish is the predominant language.

8. Do not go on the beach or near water if you hear thunder or see lightning.  
South Florida is the lightning capital of the United States.
Cloud to ground bolt lightning is often very commom during the Summer months.  
So take cover and enjoy the show from indoors.

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