I'm thinking of visiting and possibly moving to Brevard County, can you tell me
what type of place it is to live or visit?

Brevard County, home to Melbourne is a really nice place to visit and live.  The
area has many fun and relaxing things to do whether you are a first time tourist
or a year-round resident.  You can enjoy the gorgeous beach sunrises, ride the
waves, collect seashells on clean beaches, see birds and wildlife in their natural
environment and, if  you're lucky enough, you might even view a spectacular
shuttle launch.  The area also offers a high quality of life with excellent schools
and medical facilities.  Travel in and out of the area is also very convenient via
Melbourne International Airport.

What kind of shopping and things to do are there in Melbourne?

There are two types of shopping you can do in Melbourne.  The first is your
standard mall shopping at the Melbourne Square Mall located at 1700 W.
New Haven Ave. (contains the major chain department stores such as
Burdine's JCPenny's etc.)  However, if you really want to get a flavor of
Melbourne the other type of shopping is in downtown Melboune where you
can take a lazy stroll along the tree-lined streets and enjoy browsing through
many of the specialty shops, art studios, antique shops, restaurants and

Where's a fun place to take the kids in Melbourne?  

Andretti's Thrill Park offers miniature golf, laser tag, rides, and 4 go-kart tracks.
They also have a big arcade.  It's located at 3960 Babcock St.
Another place for the kids is the Brevard Zoo at 8255 N. Wickham Rd.

Where are some good places to eat / drink in downtown Melbourne?

Meg O'malley's to drink, Island Pasta Company to eat.
Meg O'malley's Irish Pub is a favorite with  locals (reminds you of a Cheer's
type place). They got live music, good food, and great brews. The Island Pasta
Company is a reasonably priced Pasta restaurant.  They are both on New
Haven Ave in downtown.  If you're looking for a good breakfast place, you
can try Sue's Wangler Restaurant - as their motto says "nothin fancy just good

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