Can you advise us of a nice hotel near the Marco Beach Ocean Resort Hotel - looking at their web site the
prices are very high,  is this normal  We are coming over for a wedding and don't want to spend quite that
price for a hotel $355 a night is this about the going rate?

You can also try the Marriott 239-394-2511, Hilton 239-394-5000, and the Radisson 239-394-4100.
These are all on the beach and not far from the Marco Beach Ocean Resort. Most places are expensive this
time of year; however you might find the Hilton or Radisson a little cheaper.
If one of these doesn’t fit your needs let me know and I can get you a few more phone numbers, but they
will be time shares or hotels not on the beach.
Ourselves and 2 friends are thinking of holidaying on Marco. We have 6 choices of areas to choose from.
Not knowing Marco very well would you mind very much giving us an insight on the following list.
Hernando Drive, Tigertail Ct, Joy Circle, Rockport Ct, Bluebonnet Ct, and Edgewater Ct

Hernando & Tigertail are both in the same area in the N.E. corner of the island; there is a public beach near
that area. Joy circle is close to a grocery store and depending on the location on that street you may get
some noise from that business. Rockport is on the north end. Bluebonnet is just off the busiest street.
Edgewater is near the center. If you are planning to boat from one of these locations I would pick the
Rockport or tiger tail locations as they are the nearest to getting out to open water .If you want to walk to
the beach Tigertail or Hernando would be the closest and depending on the location on those streets may be
a short walk to the beach. The Island is only approx 3 x 6 miles so it doesn't take long to get anywhere.
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Thanks for providing this service. I need dependable ground transportation advice from Ft Myers Airport to
Marco Island. Can you recommend any shuttle or limo services? Thanks again.

Several people I know have often mentioned how happy they have been with All American Transportation  
I have also included three other Taxi companies below if you want to call around.
A-Action Taxi          
A-OK Taxi             
Classic Taxi             
I have a helpful phone # brochure that I would be happy to send you or if you want to call me when you get
here I would be happy to get you a copy. It has many of the phone #s that most people are looking for
when they visit the Island. Please feel free to contact me if I can be of further assistance.
Steve Lindburg
Realtor®, ePRO
Anchor Real Estate
719 Bald Eagle Dr.
Marco Island, Florida 34145
239-571-8837 Cell
877-571-8840 Toll Free Cell

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