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We are coming to Los Angeles for a few days, where do you suggest we stay?

That's not an easy question to answer as choosing where to stay in LA really depends on the type of
experience you want to have.  For the beach life, you should base yourself in either Santa Monica or
Venice.  If you're coming for the shopping, dining, and nightlife, West Hollywood would be a good
choice.  Downtown is great if you are a fan of history and architecture.  If you don't have access to
transportation, Hollywood would be a good choice with its convenient access to the Metro Rail Red
Line.  And of course there's Beverly Hills if you want to impress your friends, but expect to pay a
premium for hotels in that area.  Also note that a 12 to 14% tax is added to all room rates.  Hope this

What is there to do at Venice Beach?  

Venice Beach is also referred to as the famous “Muscle Beach” It’s a great place to walk along the
boardwalk and to sight see.  Along the Boardwalk you will find an area that is equipped with weights and
many types of work out machines.  This area is known as Venice Beach Pier.  There is a small fee to use
the equipment, but if you’ve ever wanted to work out in the fresh ocean air, or just want to take a casual
stroll along the pier or beach, this is the place for you. You may even get lucky when you are there and
will get to see a body building competition.  Public Parking is only $3.00 for the day, or you can park at a
meter for twenty-five cents for every half hour.  

My son is interested in the media and television.  Is there a place I can take him to learn about
the history of television?

A perfect place for your son and you to visit is called the Museum of Television and Radio.  It’s a
computerized library where you can access a very large amount of archives on television and radio.  
Admission is a suggested donation of ten dollars for adults, seniors and students of eight dollars and for
children five dollars.  You can call them for up to the minute prices and info at (310) 786- 1000.

What are some scenic places in Malibu to visit?

Malibu itself is very scenic.  A major road that runs through Malibu is the Pacific Coast highway.  This
road runs right along the Pacific Ocean.  Many celebrities live here.  You may even spot one at Ralph’s
Supermarket.  There are many scenic roads that intersect the highway such as Latigo Canyon Road which
is a scenic winding road with many beautiful homes and scenery.  Malibu is also a popular area for surfers.

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