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Is Beverly Hills as glamorous as they make it in the movies?  Is it worth visiting?

Beverly Hills is known as an upscale area.  It has many boutiques and specialty stores.  This is
where the famous Rodeo Drive is. You can see many large homes with beautiful landscaping,
more so North of Sunset Blvd.  The Beverly Hills Hotel is located here and is a landmark.   

Is there anything to do besides shopping in Beverly Hills?

Well, Beverly Hills is known for its high-fashion boutiques on Rodeo Drive, but there is the
Museum of Television and Radio, which some tourists find interesting.  It is an enormous
archive of works from television and radio, all available for viewing in a computerized library.  
There is also the Museum of Tolerance that uses interactive exhibits to raise racial awareness.  

Where is the so-called "Golden Triangle"?

The Golden Triangle is the commercial heart of Beverly Hills, bordered by Wilshire Blvd,
Santa Monica Blvd, and Rexford Drive.  

Do a lot of tourists go in the shops in Beverly Hills?

Well, to be quite honest, many tourists do more window shopping than anything else.  Some
people I have spoken to have told me it can be a little intimidating.

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