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What can you tell me about Long Island?

Every recreational facility is available on Long Island all year round but many people come to rent here
for the summer if they like clean beaches, boating and fishing. We are on the Atlantic Ocean. The most
famous part is the Hamptons where many celebrities have built multi-million dollar homes. But there are
a lot of less expensive areas that are just as good. We have many top rated hotels such as the Garden
City Hotel and the Long Island Marriott. The Long Island Railroad is the nation's largest commuter
railroad which takes people into the heart of New York City in less than an hour at a reasonable fare.
We have the largest variety of good restaurants that can be found anywhere. Long Island has just been
named the safest place in America in a national survey conducted by a major national magazine. Rentals
and homebuying are readily available but may be higher priced than elsewhere because of our quality of

Hi.  I am thinking about coming to a workshop in late Aug, in Ronkonkoma.  I know I can fly
into ISP, but if I land at LGA or JFK, what is the best way to get from there to that city?  I
was hoping there would be bus service or subway, or is taxi the only way?  Also, how much
would it cost?  I'm coming from Denver

From JFK you can take a bus or train to the Jamaica station of the Long Island Railroad where you can
buy a ticket to the Ronkonkoma station. The cost of the entire trip from JFK one way should be
approximately $15.00 to $20.00 which is a fraction of the cost of a taxi. It would be more difficult from
LGA, but if you go to ISP, a taxi would be practical.

How may I get to the Calverton Cemetery, going from JFK?

I assume you are using public transportation. At JFK there are busses or a train that will take you to the
Jamaica station of the Long Island Railroad where you can buy a ticket to the Calverton station. In
general, they run about every hour.

I’m visiting Manhattan in Mid October – with wife and nine year old son. We have limited
time, but would like to spend a few hours visiting Long Island. Can you recommend where to
go?  Ideally…Accessible by Railroad from Manhattan in under 1 hour…a town which has
good shops for a browse…possibly a nice beach for a stroll…definitely good choice of
restaurants for lunch…and somewhere that has all of this within a short walk from the
railroad station? Thanks.  

Only one community on Long Island has everything that you ask for...LONG BEACH. Take the Long
Island Railroad Long Beach Line at Penn Station at Madison Square Garden in Manhattan. Enjoy.

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