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I'll be staying in Long Beach with my 2 kids for a couple of days. What
fun activities do you suggest?

The Aquarium of the Pacific is a great place to take the kids.  It's home to
around 10,000 fish, mammals, and birds and they can even touch small sharks.
Probably Long Beach's most famous attraction is the British Ocean liner Queen
Mary which has been moored since 1967.  Check with them for tour prices
and times.

How do I get from LA to Long Beach via public transportation?

Long Beach is easily reached from downtown via the Metro Rail Blue Line.

What things can we do on a budget in Long Beach?  

Try the Ferris Wheel at Rainbow Harbor Peak at Long Beach, itís only two
dollars.  While you are there, check out the Segway Store, the latest craze in
getting around town.  You can also walk around a nice shopping area which is
part of the Harbor Peak.  You can park at nearby meters for fifty cents for
every fifteen minutes. . If time allows, the beach nearby is quiet and peaceful,
parking there at meters is only twenty five cents for every fifteen minutes.  

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Long Beach

Long Beach is
LA's southernmost
beach town having
a small but vibrant
downtown with
most of the action
centered on Pine


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