Is the Stratosphere Hotel worth staying at as according to my map it's at the end of the
strip away from the other major hotels?

Yes its a real great place to see and stay.  You can't beat the deals they offer, especially
during the week.  Rates can be as low at $29 a night (plus a $5 per night hotel fee which
entitles you to a free booklet with many discounted coupons for venues of the hotel such
as the buffet, also guests of the hotel can have free access to the top of the stratosphere
observation deck daily from 10am till 2pm along with free tickets to one of their shows
called Viva Las Vegas)  The Stratosphere does not have a theme like some of the other
strip hotels although they play mostly 80's music in the casino.  It has a great buffet at a
great price and a mall within the casino with various shops.   

Do you know about the Fairfield Las Vegas at Desert Resort?  How far away from the
Strip is it?  Is it walkable?

The hotel is between the MGM Grand and Hard Rock Hotel and it is about a five
minute walk to the Strip.  It is a very nice resort.  Lots of stuff there for the kids to
do and lots of amenities, I think you'll enjoy it.  
We will be in Vegas in a few weeks, and we are staying at the Las Vegas Hilton.  
What can you tell me about it?

Although very nice, the Las Vegas Hilton is more of a convention hotel and you will
need to take a car service to the Strip because you wouldn't want to miss at least
visiting the spectacular casino hotels like Bellagio, The Mirage, Venetian and Paris.
I'm thinking of moving to Vegas.  I'd like to know what the job situation is there,

Personally I don't think it's better here than in the rest of the country.  Most of the
jobs here are in tourism as that is our primary industry with many making only
minimun wage.  Construction is another big industry in Vegas as new homes and
apartments are going up all over the place as it seems that many people are moving
Is The Luxor is near the MGM, New York New York, Tropicana, and Mandalay

The term ďnearĒ is relative in Las Vegas because the scale on The Strip
is not like what youíre probably used to at home. The new,
multi-thousand-room hotels are HUGE and take up a lot of space. Therefore, to say
that the Luxor is between Mandalay Bay and the Excaliber is kind of like
saying Reno is between Sparks and the California border. Itís about
eight-tenths of a mile from Mandalay Bay to the Excalibur. In fact,
thereís a monorail to shuttle you among these three hotels.

How is the fountain show at the Bellagio?  Is it worth seeing?

The Bellagio has a large pond with a synchronized water show done to
music. Iíve seen the show and itís surprising how interesting it is to
watch water being shot out of nozzles. The show is free Ė all you have to
do is gather around the pond every half hour until 7 PM, and every 15
mins until midnight. The Eiffel Tower at The Paris Hotel across the
street offers a nice indoor viewing spot for the show but you wonít be able
to hear the accompanying music. The fountains donít do anything between

How are the night clubs in Vegas?

Most of the clubs are very crowded and kind of pricey.  You might want to
consider purchasing a V.I.P. pass to avoid waiting in long lines, they can go for
around $30-$40.  
Can you suggest a good casino with a good sports book?

Three good ones are:  Stardust, Caesar's, and Mirage.  I might lean more towards
Caesars because it has lots of seats huge screens along with many individual t.v.'s.
Can I take my camera inside the casino?

You should have no problem taking your camera inside the casino as long as you
don't use it to take pictures of the gambling action.

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