What are some nice hotels / places to stay in Key West?:        For a romantic small
resort, I would recommened Paradise Inn.  It's beautiful and has a peaceful
charm, even though it is in the middle of downtown.  On the other end
of the spectrum, if you want cheap (but clean) try the Blue Lagoon.

Where are some good places to eat / drink in Key West?:       For cuban food, try El
Siboney or Jose's Cantina. If you want Seafood try the Rusty Anchor on
Stock Island.  They also sell fish wholesale.  Downtown try the Half Shell
Raw Bar- sit by the water and feed the fish (they love the corn
kernals). The food is good too.  Goldman's Deli does a great, low cost
breakfast and lunch.

What's the best ways of getting around Key West?:      Bone Island Shuttle,
City buses or bikes are the easiest ways to get around.  Parking
downtown can be difficult if you try to drive around, not to mention
expensive(meters, tickets etc).

What are some fun things to do / attractions to see in Key West?:      Take a reef trip.  
There are many great boats offering these.  A large part of our beauty
lies below the waves.

Where are nice and affordable areas to live in Key West?:     New town is the most
"affordable".  You pay for paradise.

Any other suggestions for visitors coming to the Florida Keys?:      Bring or buy plenty of sunscreen.  
And USE it. We see so many crispy tourists here it's not funny.  No one
wants to spend their vacation in agony, or worse, in the hospital.

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