Any quaint hotels or inns you can recommend? I'm looking for a quiet

If youíre looking for quaint, you should make reservations at any of
the many, many bed & breakfast houses in Old Town. Itís the best way to
enjoy Key Westís unique architecture Ė thereís always wide porches and
large windows to maximize cool breezes. The rooms can be kind of tiny,
but theyíre usually decorated in perfect taste. Parking can be tight,
though, in these older houses, so leave the car behind if you can and
take pedicabs or rent scooters or bikes to get around.

Non B&B, I recommend the Pier House in Old Town. It has its own beach
and private pier from which you can toast the sunset without the crush
at Mallory Sq. Plus, it has ample parking which, believe me, is at a
premium for tourists.
Any lively bars you can suggest for nighttime?

Every bar in Key West is lively. This is a fun place! I recommend that
you walk around Old Town on Duval St, and definitely try the
digressions on side streets and sample as many night spots as possible. I like La
Ti Dahís on Duval where I saw an act called Debra & Patrick. I told
Debra that ďWater of MarchĒ was my favorite song, and it turns out she
knows it! She sang it for me, and I bought her CD.
Any good seafood restaurants you can recommend?

Seafood is Key Westís specialty, so every restaurant does a good
seafood meal. I like to eat with a view, so I go to the ďHistoric Boardwalk
SeaportĒ (as itís designated on maps)  in Old Town for my aquatic grub.
However, if youíre pressing me for specificity, (and I hate to single
out one place over another because I LOVE everything in KW), but I'm
vey fond of Kellyís Place at the end of US Route 1. The restaurant
is housed in the original home of Pan Am and Iím a sucker for the
romance of old air travel. The food is as good as KWís best. (The
restaurant is owned by the actress Kelly McGills, whose best movie, in my
opinion, was ďMade For Each Other.Ē  But thatís no reason to go there. Go
because it has a wonderful atmo and good food.)
Where's a good place to go out for breakfast in Key West?

I like to eat outside so I like a place called New York Deli on
Duval Sq.  Itís close to a newsstand,  where you can get
the New York Times, and thereís two resident parrots at the deli.
Sometimes cats and roosters stroll through the place, and I always love to
interact with nature when I eat. If you want predictability, thereís a
Dennyís on Duval St. Thereís also a Pancake House right at the entrance
on US1 to KW, But I think it sad and depressing.

We're going to be driving down to Key West.  Are there any
interesting sights or towns along the way you could suggest.  I hear Islamorada  
and Key Largo can be fun?

Key Largo has several chain hotels from Holiday Inn to more luxurious
Westins. Iíve stayed at both. The Westin has a nice private beach and
two pools, and a free happy hour. Rooms usually have private balconies,
and I have to have fresh air when Iím in a hotel or I feel like Iím
breathing used air. The Holiday Inn is clean and has a nice pool, too, but
no balcony and no happy hour.
Islamorada I donít know about.
Where can I get the best Key Lime Pie?

Thatís so subjective. I donít like Key Lime Pie because itís too sweet,
but my husband often has the KLP jones and he prefers the ones with the
Oreo crust. Every restaurant in KW offers it as a dessert, so I think
the fun part is to trawl all the options. However, if youíre like me and
you get a non-Key Line Pie sweet-tooth munchie  at the end of your
evening, I recommend a stop at the Dennyís on Duval for a brownie a la mode
desert. Itís fab.
Any good hotels in walking distance of Mallory Square with lots of

The action in KW is not at the hotels because thereís so much action on
the streets. You go to a hotel to rest.
I'll be flying in to Key West and I don't plan on renting a car,
Is there any type of dependable public transportation available?

Key West is very small  so there is no elaborate public transportation
system.  However, there are non-car options:  the most fun way to get
around town is by pedicab or by bicycle. Pedicabs, also know as rickshaws,
are all around Old Town and are a comfortable way to get from point A
to point B. Many hotels have their own bike rental concessions, and
since KW is flat, itís easy to peddle around the island.  And of course,
taxis are available on an on-call basis.

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