What part of town in the most fun to stay in?

Old Town is the part of Key West that most tourists visit. Duval St is
the main drag, and it’s filled with bars, restaurants, and shops. Duval
St terminates at Mallory Square, the traditional place to watch the sun
set.  Street performers and craft vendors hang out there at dusk to
keep you entertained.
Where do you suggest we take the kids?

Key West is not really a family vacation spot, but there are a few
things underage people might like. Old Town has a Ripley’s Believe it or
Not Museum on Duval St near Mallory Sq. On the other end of Duval,
there’s a nifty Butterfly World walk-through. If you like cats, you can see
lots of them at Hemingway’s House on Whitehead St. Several operators of
glass-bottomed boats have kiosks where you can sign up for a trip any
time of the day. And there’s  the beach on the ocean side of town, if
you all want to just hang and burn.
I hear the prices of products and services are a lot more expensive
in Key West than the mainland.  Is this true?

Why are you worrying about a few cents when you’re in the Conch
Republic? Instead of comparing what things COST, compare how different things
FEEL when you're in Key West. Time, money, work . . . take a break and
ENJOY. Who cares if you end up spending a few bucks more over the
course of your stay; you’re in Key West for God’s sake! (By the way, “conch”
is pronounced “conck”.)
Is there really a place called Kokomo somewhere in the Florida Keys?

Hmmm . . . that’s new to me. That’s a Beach Boys song, right? Why are
you listending to a bunch of Californians about Florida? Jimmy Buffet,
the self-proclaimed Bard of the Keys, is a more accurate musical
reference. He has a shop on Duval called Margaritaville, but it's strictly for
tourists. If you ask me (and you did), slow reggae captures the Conch
life the best. Slow down and enjoy the moment. Dance to the music in
your head as the sun sets and you've got as few clothes on as legally
allowed. Relax. And smile -- life is good.
What’s the best way to get to Key West?

The fastest way is to fly there from any Florida mainland airport. The
most scenic way is to go by boat down from Miami; powerboats are the
more practical vessel because the Florida Bay is very shallow, but the
channels are clearly marked to make sailing an option. The cheapest way
is to drive down by US1 – it takes about 4 hours from Miami but it’s an
easy drive and you can stop to shop and eat on the way.

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