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Hilton Head South Carolina Questions and Answers

Just wondering where you would recommend staying on Hilton Head
Island for a weekend.
What beaches are nicest to relax and bake?
What restaurants are good food and atmosphere?
Any info would be appreciated  Thanks.

Forest Beach is basically the only beach, and it's 14 miles long. South
Forest Beach Drive has a lot of hotels and resorts to stay at. There is a
Holiday Inn which isn't too expensive, and it is close to everything. The
other resorts are a little more expensive. As for restaurants, Hudson's is a
nice seafood place, but it is on the far end of the island. The island has
every basic restaurant you'd find any place else, but I would recommend
going to a seafood restaurant, because you can't find those everywhere
How is the Mariott Beach and Golf Resort in Hilton Head, SC?

People who have stayed at this have said that it's very clean and nice. The
Marriott has pools, hot tubs, and the beach isn't too crowded because
they're on the end of the line of resorts. (There are only houses past the
resort.) I think there may be more than one Marriott on Hilton Head. I am
referring to the one on Forest Beach Drive. There may be another one
located at Sea Pines.
Where is a livable residential community in Hilton Head?

Hilton Head Plantation is one of Hilton Head's largest residential
neighborhoods . Sprawling in size with nearly 4,000 acres sheltered
between Port Royal Sound and the Intracoastal Waterway, Hilton Head
Plantation has the full-scale amenities of a country club haven with four
golf courses, miles of bike and jogging trails, two nature conservancies,
tennis courts, a community recreation center, boating facilities, swimming
pools, the Seabrook Farms for gardening and two miles of beautiful
beaches. Also located in Hilton Head Plantation is the award-winning
Cypress Retirement Community.

I am thinking of living year-round in Hilton Head.  How is the climate?

The climate on Hilton Head is delightful, with a semi-tropical warmth and
enough of a seasonal change to keep it interesting. Springtime blooms
early and fall late. There are even days in the middle of December that
edge up to low 70s and high 80s. Overall, the year-round average of
midday and evening temperatures are approximately 75 and 55 degrees,

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