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General Grand Canyon Questions and Answers

Where is the closest place to the Canyon that I can find hotels to stay at?

You can find hotels in Grand Canyon Village which is about 6 miles north of the South
Entrance Station and is the park's most developed area.  Along with hotels, you'll find
stores, restaurants, shopping, rim trails, a shuttle bus system and a train depot. The
main visitors center is Canyon View Information Plaza located at the northeast end of
the village.

What are the main differences between the North Rim and the South Rim of
the Grand Canyon?  Which is prettier?

The differences between the North and South Rims of the Canyon are accessibility,
elevation, and the number of visitors.  The elevation at the North Rim is more than
1000 ft higher than the South Rim but it isn't as easy to get to as the South Rim.  
Summers at the North Rim are cooler, winters are colder and climate is wetter.  But
the views are breathtaking at either rim.

We're only going to be at the North Rim for a day.
Is there one particular overlook or area there that is a must-see and are there
any chain type hotels in the area?

As far as one overlook on the north rim, I'd say that Bright Angel Point is pretty
spectacular but Cape Solitude is amazing too.  Be sure also to check out the view from
the Visitor's Center / Lodge.  As far as lodging at major chain type hotels, I think you
may have to go to St George Utah which is around a 3.5 hour trip from the North Rim.
They have Marriotts, Holiday Inns, etc there. However, there is a rustic lodge at the
North Rim itself but you may have to book more than one year in advance to get a

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