Where is the best place in Ft Myers to view the sunset?

Anywhere along Ft Myers Beach provides magnificent views of the sunset over the Gulf of Mexico.  There is
also a free pier you can walk out on to see the sunset located near Lynn Hall Park.  This is an area with many
restaurants and tourist shops you can browse.
A few years back I went to a Dog Track in Ft Myers but I do not remember exactly where it was.  Can you
help me

The Dog Track is actually located halfway between Naples and Fort Myers in the town of Bonita Springs.
As you travel from Ft Myers on US41, go down until you see Old 41 and take that directly to the track.
How far apart are the Red Sox and Twins spring training facilities? which is the nicer stadium and area?
Can you suggest any hotels to stay at that are around of equal distance between both facilities?

The two facilities are around 5 to 7 miles apart from each other.  The Twins facility is located in more of an
open area with lots of Parking (Daniels Rd exit off of I-75).  The Red Sox stadium is located in City of Palms
Park on Edison Avenue (Colonial Blvd exit off of I-75).  Both are nice stadiums with the Red Sox ballpark
having more of an old time feel to it.  As far as a hotel to stay at, there is a nice Courtyard by Marriott that is
on Colonial Bld.and Metro Pkwy which is equidistant from both locations.
Is there a good area for shelling? What is the best time to shell?

Sanibel and Captiva Island (a short hop from Ft Myers) are the best areas for Shelling.The best time would
be an hour before or after low tide.  There ia also a Shell Museum (at 3075 San-Cap Rd) which is the only
one of its kind in the United States. Exhibits are devoted to shells in art and history,  rare specimens, shell
habitats, fossil shells and local Sanibel-Captiva shells.
Are there any Orange picking tours?

None that I know of, but there is a place called Sun Harvest Citrus where you can see how Oranges are
packaged and shipped.  You can also sample different types of fresh squeezed juices while browsing the gift
store.  In addition to making fresh squeezed orange juice and selling the freshest in season fruit, Sun Harvest
Citrus also sells Garden Fresh Vegetables, Home Made Fudge, Fresh Fruit Smoothies, Ice Cream and Shakes,
Exotic Marmaldes, Gourmet Salad Dressings, and Specialty Pies and Breads.  Gift Fruit baskets are also
prepared on premises.
How is the bus service in Ft Myers? Can I get to and from the airport and beaches using public

There is a bus that goes from the airport to US 41 (the main commercial road in ft myers). As far as getting
to the beaches you may have to do a few transfers to some shuttle buses.  You can visit
www.rideleetran.com as they can give you more info.

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