We are flying into Miami Airport and and staying 2 days.  We want to see the Sawgrass Mall and the Beach.  What are our transportation and lodging options?



The Sawgrass mall is located around 15 miles west of the Ft Lauderdale beaches (which would be the closest beach to the mall.  Both locations are around 30 miles north of Miami Airport.  The most convenient way getting around would probably be to rent a car.  But if this is not possible, there is a bus (#36 that goes from the Sawgrass Mall to Ft Lauderdale Beach. (go to www.broward.org/bct for more details.) 

 There are many hotels located on the Beach in Ft Lauderdale (I would try to stay at one close to Beach Place - which is a very lively area with lots of shops and nightlife).  There are also some hotels out west by the Mall but not as many.  (www.flausa.com is a good website to go to)

As far as getting from Miami to Ft Lauderdale, you can go to www.miami-airport.com for ground transportation options.

 Hope this helps, enjoy your trip!



Do you know of any nice house rentals a family of 6 can stay at for a week in Ft Lauderdale at a reasonable price?



The only house rental I am familiar with is in Wilton Manors which Is centrally located and around 10 minutes from the beach. 

The home is large and immaculately maintained with many amenities.  You can visit their website at www.ftlvacationhouse.com

for more info (including prices & pictures).  If this does not meet your needs, you can go to www.vrbo.com and you can search for a vacation rental property

more in line with your specifications.





Can you please tell me the names of some theatres in the Ft. Lauderdale area.  I am looking for places where we can see a concert or play.
Thank you.



The main Theater here, is "The Broward Center Of the Performing Arts" located in Down Town Ft. Lauderdale.  It's a beautiful Theater.  I am including a link that has a listing of all the Theaters in the area along with a  Venue Guide with information such as show information, etc.  http://venueguide.com/fll/ 




I am new to the area, is there any access to the internet?  Where is there inexpensive parking at the beach between Commercial

and Las Olas Blvd? Also how about parking by Beach Place, Riverwalk and Las Olas Blvd itself?



There is free public internet access at any Broward County Library.  As for parking by the beach, there is free parking on a A1A just North

of Sunrise Blvd.  This is around a mile away from Beach Place. For a $1, you can take the bus south for a mile or so.  Anything closer to Beach Place

Riverwalk, or Las Olas, you would probably have to park in a Garage or find metered parking on the street.  Hope this helps



My two friends and I are planning our first trip to Ft Lauderdale and we have a few questions.

Where are the best places to see alligators or Airboat rides?  Billie Swamp Safari? Everglades Holiday Park?

We are staying by the beach but do not plan on renting a car, how’s the public transportation?  How’s the weather in May?

Any places we should definitely not miss?



Airboat rides and Swamp Buggy rides are both available at Billie Swamp Safari and are both great ways to see alligators and local wildlife up close. 

Airboat rides are also available at Everglades Holiday Park which is closer to you (around 30 miles away)

As far as I know,  these are not very accessible via public transportation.  The only practical way is by car (Note: Enterprise Rent-a car

does rent to people between 21 and 25 at a slightly higher rate.)  The trip to the Everglades is definitely a full day trip.

May is right before the rainy season gets going so it will probably be hit or miss with rain.  One thing for sure is that it will be hot so don’t forget the suntan lotion.

As far as other places to visit, I would suggest either Beach Place, Las Olas, or Riverwalk, which are lively areas near the downtown Ft Lauderdale area.  Beach Place, as

the name suggests is right on the Beach and has many Clubs, Shops, and Restaurants.  Good Luck and enjoy your trip.




I found your web site while surfing the net searching for info on Fort Lauderdale
I would like to ask you a couple of questions as I am planning on emigrating
to the US early next year and I am trying to  decide where to live.
From what I have seen on the net Fort Lauderdale looks like a beautiful
city, my only concern is that it is more of a resort town and not a commerce hub
What is the job situation like, I am in the IT Sales field.
What is the cost of living, i.e. an average rental, car payments, food 
What is the crime rate
What are descent areas to live in
What about areas like west palm beach or Boca Raton?
Any info would be appreciated



I moved from New York to Ft. Lauderdale around 10 years ago and have found it all in all a good place to live. The cost of living is less compared to New York and other major American cities but it is more than certain other areas of the country.  There is no State income tax in Florida (one of the few states that don't have an income tax).  Like the rest of the country, we are in an economic and employment slump right now but a few years ago this area was booming and hopefully it will be again soon.  (I too am in the IT field -

Software Quality Assurance). Also, like any other city, there are safe areas and not so safe areas. I live in the Western part of Ft Lauderdale  where the crime rate is relatively low. West Palm Beach and Boca  are a bit wealthier areas but I like Ft Lauderdale's location which is in between West Palm and Miami so there are more job and lesiure choices (around 40 minutes from each).  Hope this helps and good luck with your decision.



My husband & I will be in Fort Lauderdale 12-21-03 Just for the day. We will be arriving about 8am. He has always dreamed of and wanted to go Deep Sea fishing. I would like to arrange this for him if I can afford it. Is there some reputable & reasonable place we can go there in Fort Lauderdale



I'm sorry but I don't have any first hand knowledge about deep sea fishing so I am unable to make a recommendation.

I did however find a few web sites that might be some help to you.

http://www.worldwidefishing.com/florida/salt.htm#se  (list of various companies)

http://www.flamingofishing.com/ (specific company that seems affordable, runs 3 trips per day).



Are there very many golf courses that are in the $25-45 range that are good, enjoyable courses for the part-time golfer?



This time of year, the nicer courses usually cost a little more but many have late afternoon or Nine hole specials within that price range. You can try Colony West in Tamarac (West Ft Lauderdale). 

If you want to play a Par 3 course, there is a really nice one in Delray Beach called Kings Point Par3 (a few towns north of Ft. Lauderdale) which is relatively inexpensive and only takes a couple of hours to play.



This is a great idea, I hope you can help.

We're arriving at Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood Airport at 10.30pm tonight and are staying at a hotel in South Beach Miami.  Do you know the best way (and the cheapest of course) to get between the two points at that time of night?   Thanks.



There is a shared ride service from Ft Lauderdale airport called "Airport Express" which is probably the cheapest most practical way of getting to South Beach.




If you are going to be working and living in Sunrise, I would definitely try to avoid Miami airport - the airport is very hectic and traffic jams can be bad traveling from there to Sunrise especially during Rush hours.

Ft. Laud airport is located near the intersection of Interstate 95 and 595 and is only around a 20 minute drive to Sunrise. They have taxicabs and shared ride services (one of these companies is called Airport Express). Unfortunately, public transportation throughout Ft Lauderdale is not very good (not like Chicago).

 The Cost of Living in Ft Lauderdale, while not cheap, is probably a little less than major cities and there is no State Income Tax in Florida.

Sunrise is considered West Ft Lauderdale (kind of like a suburb).  Most of Sunrise is fairly safe..

Hope I've answered most of your questions.  Good Luck





we're visiting on Sunday thru Friday.  Where is a good seafood restaurant?  Also, we're driving.  Can you give us info on travel conditions, etc.



Although I'm not a big seafood eater,I've heard many good things about a place called Hobo's Fish Joint in Coral Springs, (this is an area in the northern Ft. Lauderdale area).

Hobo's Fish Joint


10317 Royal Palm Blvd, Coral Springs, FL 33065


(954) 346-5484

 Also another place that is well known for it's seafood, especially stone crabs, is called Joe's Stone Crabs in Miami Beach. Here is their link to their web site.  It lists it's menu, location, etc.  http://www.joesstonecrab.com/





Hi!  Saw your website and want to know if you can tell me a good place to live that is relatively inexpensive.  We currently live in Key West and I am selling my modest home and moving to the mainland.



If you don't mind living more inland, I would suggest Coconut Creek located in Central Broward County or Tamarac which is a little further west.  Both have affordable places to live whether you're looking to Buy or Rent. Plantation and Coral Springs are also nice areas.  Good Luck.















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