My family and I are moving to the Western Fort Lauderdale area this summer. Our car will certainly need
a good tune-up after the long car trip from the north.
Do you know an honest and reliable mechanic?
Thanks from,
Looking for a good mechanic

Dear looking for a good mechanic,
You and your family will really enjoy living in the Fort Lauderdale area. No more cold winters!
Your car will be in great hands at
Broward Auto Repair & Diagnostics which is owner operated and
located in Sunrise Florida.
Broward Auto Repair & Diagnostics services all makes & models foreign
and domestic. Their service ranges from preventative maintenance through complex automotive
diagnostics and repairs.

I am relocating to the Coral Springs/Plantation area.  I wanted to rent a place for approximately six
months before purchasing.  Are there any reputable rental agents or rental agencies you would suggest?  
Additionally, I have two children, one in middle school and one in elementary.  What would be the best
school district for my children?

Both Coral Springs and Plantation are nice areas.  If you are looking to rent before buying a place, there
are plenty of rental communities in the area. I donít know any specific rental agents or agencies that I can
recommend, but you can visit a website: forrent.com, and you will be able to see all the available rental
communities in the area, and details about the different areas.  Basically, if you choose a rental community
west of Pine Island Road (also called Coral Springs Drive) and North of I-595, you should be able to find
a nice place to rent/live.  In regards to schools, the districts vary widely depending on where you live.  
There are many schools in Plantation and in Coral Springs.  Both cities are known to be family oriented.  
It may be wise to find out which schools belong to the district you are thinking of moving to, and then do
further research on those particular schools.  You can visit the school board website at: browardschools.
com, there you can do research on any particular school in the area. Good Luck!
Ft Lauderdale FL - Relocation - apartments, condos, communities, area information


Hi!  Saw your website and want to know if you can tell me a good place to live that is relatively inexpensive.  We currently live in Key West and I am selling my modest home and moving to the mainland.



If you don't mind living more inland, I would suggest Coconut Creek located in Central Broward County or Tamarac which is a little further west.  Both have affordable places to live whether you're looking to Buy or Rent. Plantation and Coral Springs are also nice areas.  Good Luck.




Hi There from South Africa
I found your web site while surfing the net searching for info on Fort Lauderdale
I would like to ask you a couple of questions as I am planning on emigrating
to the US early next year and I am trying to  decide where to live.
From what I have seen on the net Fort Lauderdale looks like a beautiful
city, my only concern is that it is more of a resort town and not a commerce hub
What is the job situation like, I am in the IT Sales field.
What is the cost of living, i.e. an average rental, car payments, food 
What is the crime rate
What are descent areas to live in
What about areas like west palm beach or Boca Raton?
Any info would be appreciated



I moved from New York to Ft. Lauderdale around 10 years ago and have found it all in all a good place to live. The cost of living is less compared to New York and other major American cities but it is more than certain other areas of the country.  There is no State income tax in Florida (one of the few states that don't have an income tax).  Like the rest of the country, we are in an economic and employment slump right now but a few years ago this area was booming and hopefully it will be again soon.  (I too am in the IT field -

Software Quality Assurance). Also, like any other city, there are safe areas and not so safe areas. I live in the Western part of Ft Lauderdale  where the crime rate is relatively low. West Palm Beach and Boca  are a bit wealthier areas but I like Ft Lauderdale's location which is in between West Palm and Miami so there are more job and leisure choices (around 40 minutes from each).  Hope this helps and good luck with your decision.




Iwill move soon to fort lauderdale;and i would like have information about rent apartments ;and details about fort lauderdale;pictures ,activities ect...



I am sending you a link to an apartment finder guide that's contained in the local newspaper  (the Sun-Sentinel).  In general, the more expensive apartments are on the beach.


As far as activities and things to do, check out the www.sunny.org website.



I am thinking of working in Sunrise FL, it would mean a weekly commute
between Chicago and FL which is fine.
However, I am finding that flights to Fort Lauderdale are not as 
constant as it is to Miami from Chicago.
Some questions I have are:
1.    what is the address of the airport in Fort L and how far is it 
from Sunrise
2.    is there transport from airport to Sunrise or into Fort 
3.    if I were to get corporate housing in Fort Lauderdale, what is 
the safest area that you advise one looks for, what are the areas for 
people to avoid
4.    how far is Sunrise from Fort Lauderdale and is there transport - 
I do not have a car licence
5.    how expensive is the cost of living in Fort Lauderdale
6.    if I were to fly into Miami it would be approx. 50 min drive to 
Fort Lauderdale - is there transport between the two cities
7.    what type of area is Sunrise? Is it safe?



If you are going to be working and living in Sunrise, I would definitely try to avoid Miami airport - the airport is very hectic and traffic jams can be bad traveling from there to Sunrise especially during Rush hours.

Ft. Laud airport is located near the intersection of Interstate 95 and 595 and is only around a 20 minute drive to Sunrise. They have taxicabs and shared ride services (one of these companies is called Airport Express). Unfortunately, public transportation throughout Ft Lauderdale is not very good (not like Chicago).

 The Cost of Living in Ft Lauderdale, while not cheap, is probably a little less than major cities and there is no State Income Tax in Florida.

Sunrise is considered West Ft Lauderdale (kind of like a suburb).  Most of Sunrise is fairly safe..

Hope I've answered most of your questions.  Good Luck



I am doing a project for my economics class and I would like to know: what is the monthly payments for FPL services in the Ft. Lauderdale area.



The average F.P.L. bill varies depending on the season, anywhere from $40.00 in the cooler months, to about $80.00 during the summer.  For a 900 Square foot condo. (2 bedroom/ 2 bath).  All depends on how much the air conditioning is used.  If you would like to learn more about FPL, I am sending you a link to their website. www.fpl.com



well i might be moving to ft.laurdale area and i just wanted to have the list of highschools in fort laurdale. thanx



I am sending you a link to the School Board of Broward County.  Just click on where it says "High School" and then it will list the schools in the area.  www.browardschools.com/schools/



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