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General Flagstaff questions and answers

I’m going to spend the night in Flagstaff before heading out to the Grand Canyon.  What
hotels would you recommend, on the cheaper side?

Well, we do have all of the typical chains such as the Quality Inn and others.  However, if you are
looking for something very different than your average hotel, I would recommend the historical
Weatherford Hotel.  There are only eight old-fashioned rooms with no television or phone, and a 1
am curfew.

Is there anything fun and educational I can do with my kids in Flagstaff?

There are a few options.  One fun and interesting attraction that is unique to Flagstaff is the Lowell
Observatory.  Here, the discovery of Pluto was made.  The Museum of Northern Arizona is also
very interesting.  Here, you can go on museum-led tours of local mountains, mesas, and canyons.

I want to come to Arizona in the winter for its skiing opportunities.  Can you recommend
any good skiing areas?

I was never into skiing, but my son loves it.  I would recommend the Arizona Snowbowl.  The area
is simply breathtaking.  If you’re not much of a seasoned skier, you can take classes here too.  

I’m taking a road trip with my family in an RV and want to find somewhere where we can
park out RV and camp.  Any suggestions?

There are many places including the Woody Mountain Campground & RV Park and the Black
Barts RV Park.  Perhaps the best I’ve heard about it is the J &H RV Park.  It earned the “National
RV Park of the year” award.  For more information about this, you can visit www.flagstaffrvparks.

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