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I am going to be in the general Denver area and I want to know of a nice place
to stay in the mountains, perhaps in a cabin.  Are there any places like this?

One great place that I would highly recommend is the Grand Lake Lodge.  The
Great Lake Lodge is a historic landmark located in the historic town of Grand
Lake on the edge of Rocky Mountain National Park.  It is a beautiful lodge with
many individual cabins for sleeping.  The main lodge contains a gift shop and
chairs and swings surrounding a warm cozy fire when it gets cold.  There is live
music every night and they show movies for all ages in the "Moose Lodge".  
Every aspect of the lodge is meticulously maintained with love and the whole
family will have a great time staying in this historic landmark.

What is there to do in Grand Lake?

There are many great things to do in Grand Lake.  If you want to go on a scenic
hike, there are many beautiful hikes ranging from all levels of difficulty.  One
beautiful hike for the whole family is the Adam's Falls hike.  It is a very easy hike
about .8 miles long and ends in a spectacular waterfall where if you choose, you
can get up close and personal with the rapids.  Also, you can rent a boat or take
a boat tour on Grand Lake itself.  The little ones can even participate in bumper
boats.  There are many general stores and places to eat in this small town.  There
is a great pizza place in Grand Lake where there are a lot of gourmet toppings to
choose from.  There are also many places to go for homemade ice cream.

Where is a nice place to see a concert near Denver?

Red Rocks Park and amphitheater is of the most beautiful amphitheaters I have
even been to.  Red Rocks is a natural amphitheater in the mountains.  Staying
true to its name, the amphitheater is surrounded by beautiful red rocks providing
great acoustics and magnificent scenery to enhance your concert experience.  
The amphitheater is located in Red Rocks Park which is a breathtaking and
beautiful area.

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