Besides the monuments and museums, what kind of entertainment (theatres, nightlife,
etc.) is available in Washington DC?
DC has one of the strongest and most active theater scenes on the east coast. DC is not NY or
London, but what is??? I did a simple search and found not less than 70 performing arts events that
are currently happening within the DC city limits.
Washington DC has an amazing array of "hip" night spots.  We have multiple neighborhoods with
loads of exciting night life, including Georgetown, Dupont Circle, Adams Morgan, Barracks Row,
Downtown (MCI Center), Woodley Park, Clarendon, Bethesda, etc,  
Not to mention, we have teams in every major sports league.  I have been to a lot of cities in this
country and very, very few can compete with the likes of DC in terms of quality and quantity of
restaurants, night life, theater, and entertainment.  To get more info about these topics, you can go
to www.washingtonpost.com and do a search.

What hotels do you recommend in Washington DC?
This advice is completely impartial; neither I nor anyone in my family works for Marriott. I always urge
my guests to stay at the Marriott at Metro Center in downtown Washington DC. (“Downtown” is the
area around the Mall.) The address is 775 12 St NW, and Metro Center is where 3 of the subway’s 5
lines converge. However, you’ll pay for its convenient location -- the rooms are about $300 a night.
Generally, hotels are less expensive the farther away from downtown DC they are.

What’s “The Mall”?
The Mall is a 2-mile strip of land in lower DC that runs east/west from the Potomac River to Capitol
Hill, with a northern spur of land where the White House sits. Other major tourists sites found here
are: The Lincoln Memorial, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, the Washington Monument, the
Smithsonian Museum, the Air and Space Museum, and the National Galleries of Art. You’ll find lots of
less-well-known sights here, including the newest addition: the National Museum of the American
Indian. The Jefferson Memorial is just south of The Mall across from the Tidal Basin. By the way,
everything is free; there is no admission charge because we’ve paid for these sites via our taxes.

I’ve read that it’s hard to tour the White House. Is that true?
Yes, tours of the White House are limited for security reasons. The best way to arrange a tour is to
be a big donor to your local Congressperson and nag for a favor, or be a big donor to the President’
s campaign. (You tend to get a little cynical about politics when you live here.)

What is your favorite tourist spot in Washington DC?
I love the Lincoln Memorial because of its serenity, its powerful message, and the view down the Mall.
It’s a huge, three-sided structure with an enormous statue of Lincoln in the middle, but the effect is
dignified rather than extravagant. Lincoln’s eloquent words are etched on the walls, reminding you
why historians always rank him in the top three of our greatest Presidents. Finally, ever since Martin
Luther King, Jr gave his “I Have A Dream” speech here, the view down the Mall from the steps on this
Memorial has become a classic. Don’t miss it.

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