Whatís the best way to get to Washington DC?
If you live on the East Coast, I urge you to take the train and come into
Union Station in DC. The station is architecturally lovely and has shops
and restaurants inside. There are no airports in DC itself. The Ronald
Reagan National Airport is just across the Potomac River in Virginia but
itís small, and I donít know if every airline uses it. The major airport is
Dulles International out in Sterling, Virginia.

What is the traffic situation like in Washington DC and what is the
best advice you can offer for getting around?
My best advice I always give to my guests: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO
DRIVE IN D.C. The streets are illogically organized with many one-ways,
barricades, and periodic closings that will quickly make you frustrated.
On-street parking is extremely limited, and in some places you need a
permit to be on the street. Also, the local drivers arenít very good and
tend to get into accidents. Fortunately, many of the things visitors want
to see are on the Mall within walking distance of each other. Thereís
also the Metro (subway) to take you around town. When you select a
hotel, make sure itís near a Metro stop and your visit here will be a joy.

What time of year is the best time to visit?
The best time to be here is in autumn and spring away from school
holidays because the weather is perfect Ė clear and cool. Before I
moved here, I thought DC was a Southern town. It isnít. It gets cold here
in winter, although not as snowy as up North. However, if you donít mind
cold, winter is a great time to visit because there are fewer tourists to
bump into. Summertime gets hot and muggy, but thatís when families
like to visit because the kids have summer vacation.

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