The best place to live in Cleveland is in the Heights area on the
east side (this, spoken like a true east sider).   Shaker Heights,
Cleveland Heights, and University Heights offer beautiful, quality,
old homes at unbelievably low prices.    Newer homes in the more
distant surburbs like Solon, Twinsburg, and Mentor are generally
more expensive, but they have many of the conveniences we look
for nowadays.   My husband and I live on a beautiful street in
University Heights (within walking distance of John Carroll
University) in a 1930's brick and stone home with an attached
garage and central air conditioning.    The houses are close
together, separated by little more than a driveway.   We love it
because we have gotten to know our neighbors.   We have street
parties a couple of times a year, we watch out for each other's
children, and we all enjoy keeping these old homes nice.   Some of
the more prestigious homes are in nearby Gates Mills and Pepper

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