I live on the east side of the town, so I can tell you the best places on this side.   I
really should keep all of this information a secret so my favorite places won't get
too crowded, but I just can't keep a secret!!!!

Best breakfast on the east side is Yours Truly.    http://www.ytr.com/      There's
one on Chagrin Blvd, one on SOM Center Road, and a few others scattered
over town.   They also have awesome lunches and have just started serving
alcoholic beverages, so it's even great for dinner.   Quality is very high, service is
casual and friendly, and prices are low, low, low!  Great value.

Best value for lunch and dinner  on the east side is Aladdin's.   It's Lebanese food
(falafel, kabobs, salads, soups, pitas, lots of feta) -- high quality, low prices,
friendly service.   They have reasonable wine and beer prices, and a good
selection.  Nonsmoking.    Locations at 12447 Cedar Road in Cleveland Heights
and at 775 SOM Center Road.  (Also other locations around town)

A good pizza place on the east side is Tasty Pizza at 5101 Mayfield Road.  
440-449-1252.    The pizza is very good and prices are low.   This is a
nonsmoking, family pizza place where people take their little league baseball
teams out to eat after the game.   The neatest thing is the way they do their
beverages.   They have a huge cooler filled with the best wine, beer, pop (cola),
etc. and you just take out what you want, as many bottles as you want during
dinner, and then when you go up to pay they ask what you had to drink and you
just tell them.   It's on the honor system.   It's very informal, not much to look at,
but it's fun because it's different.

Best local brew is Great Lakes Brewery.    My husband loves Burning River Pale
Ale, but Dortmunder Gold is also very popular.    Great Lakes Brewery has a
pub/restaurant on 25th street near downtown that is just wonderful.    
http://www.greatlakesbrewing.com/DiningPub/index.cfm  Pretzel chicken a
popular dish.  Nonsmoking, even at the bar.   Cozy, casual atmosphere on a
quaint street.    Prices are reasonable.   

Our favorite restaurants downtown are the Blue Point Grille (seafood), the
Cleveland Chop House (steak), and Mallorca (Spanish).   Blue Point Grille is at
700 W. St. Clair Ave. 216-875-7827    Cleveland Chop House is at 824 W. St.
Clair Avenue. 216-623-0909      Mallorca is at 1390 W. 9th St.

Our favorite restaurant on the west side is Pier W (seafood and ROMANTIC!!)
-- this restaurant has lovely views of the city at night.   It sits right smack on the
edge of Lake Erie.  Go at sunset.   Prices for these restaurants are higher, but the
food is more elegant, and the atmosphere and service are impeccable.    Pier W is
located at 12700 Lake Avenue at Winton Place in Lakewood.   (It's kind of in a
condominium complex, so look for the sign "Winton Place" beside the lake on
Lake Avenue.)

The best Indian restaurant in town is the Cafe Tandoor, at 2096 S. Taylor Road.  
 216-371-8500.   Great atmosphere, food to die for, good prices, good wine,
great service, romantic, and casual.

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