I'm from California, where it's sunny all year.  I'm thinking of moving to Cleveland.  
What's the weather like at different times of year?  Is the Winter really, really long?  
How about Summer?  Also, any general comments on the quality of life in
Cleveland.  Thank you.

Thank you for visiting AskaResident.com.  I am happy to answer your questions. I like
living in the Midwest and I enjoy living with the seasons.  And because I
like the city of Cleveland I will try not to show my bias.  The weather in Cleveland sort
of depends on where you live and how far or close you are to Lake
Erie. With that said, the answers to your weather questions will vary. I live in West
Cleveland near Lake Erie. The closer to the lake the less snow but more wind, which
makes neighborhoods close to the lake a few degrees colder. Neighborhoods further
from the lake have warmer temperatures.
I think the quality of life is very good. The Cleveland Area is home to several colleges
and universities and also several museums. The downtown section of Cleveland is a fun
place to find restaurants, bars, clubs, or just walking along the harbor.  There are also
great neighborhoods through the city of Cleveland and each has its own personality.  
For more info regarding local happenings in the city visit www.cleveland.com and
What are some of Cleveland's attractions located in walking distance of downtown?

If you are a sports fan, both Jacobs Field (home of the Indians) and Cleveland Browns
Stadium are both located downtown.  In addition, you have the Great Lakes Science
Center and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame also close by.
What are the best ways to know what events are coming up in the Cleveland area?

Best way to find out what's going on is to buy the Friday version of the Plain Dealer
(the local newspaper).  There's an insert in there that will tell you everything fun to do
for the next week!
Good website for  local news, entertainment, etc:
Another website to entertainment, dining, and other things to do:
What kind of Arts, Museums, Cultuaral Activities are there in Cleveland?

If you love Art, visit the Cleveland Museum of Art    http://www.clemusart.com/
If you love the symphony, go to Severance Hall for a concert   
http://www.clevelandorch.com/html/index.asp or go to Blossom Music Center near
Akron for an outdoor concert under the stars  
If you love casual music, go to Cain Park and listen to folk, jazz, blues, or whatever in
the outdoor amphitheater.    http://www.cainpark.com/     They also have a skateboard
area there.
If you love theater, Cleveland has the third largest theater district in the US.    There is
something going on all the time.  (Check the Friday paper for details.)
Playhouse Square Center is the second largest performing arts center in the nation.
How do I get to Cleveland?

Cleveland, Ohio is located at the intersection of several Interstate highways, I-77, I-71
and I-90. Ohio Rt. 2 follows the Lake Erie shoreline through Cleveland, while I-80
(Ohio Turnpike) and I-480 run east/west of the city.

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